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Author Name Joke Game

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The Author Name Joke Game


  1. Treatment of Prescription Drug Addiction by Dr. I. Jaun Moore

  2. The Griller's Handbook by Frank Turner

  3. Ornamental Basket Making by Art Weaver

  4. The Joy of Pottery by Clay Masters

  5. Modern Excavation Techniques by Doug Underhill

  6. Urinary Tract Infections Explained by Dr. Y. P. Burns

  7. Camping In Arizona National Parks by Stacey A. Canyon

  8. The Effects of Morning Marijuana Use by Earl E. Baker

  9. Effects of Marijuana Withdrawal by Earnest Jones

  10. The Contact High: Fact of Fiction? By Herb Hayes

  11. Food Service Comparison by Stew Price

  12. Relay Race Tactics by Rod Chase

  13. The Bank Tellers Handbook by Sharon Nichols

  14. Practical Roofing by Sonny Barnes

  15. Federally Funded Hallucinogen Testing by Ellis D. Grant

  16. Sinus Congestion Remedies by M. R. Flemming

  17. The Duck Hunters Guide by Wade A. Marsh

  18. How Intelligent are Swine? by I. C. Cunningham

  19. Where is the World Going? By Helena HandBasket

  20. Connecting with Loved Ones by Hope Bridges

  21. Animal Skin Processing by Tanya Hyde

  22. Hunting During the Stone Age by Chuck N. Spears

  23. Deodorize Your House! By Erin Chambers

  24. Sell Your Doilies Online By Lacey Billings

  25. Pyromaniacal Tendencies by Dr. I Juana Burnette

  26. Is Your Husband Cheating? by Eliza Lott

  27. The Biography of Katie R. by Shirley Loving and Hugh R. Kind

  28. Alcoholism and Its Consequences by Sir Osis of Liver

  29. Igloo Making the Easy Way by I. C. Holmes

  30. Dealing with Anger by N. A. Huff

  31. Amateur Marble Sculpting by Sharon Stone

  32. Quick and Easy Dress Making by Taylor Swift

  33. Delicious Lobster Recipes by Shelly Eaton

  34. Reduce Your Electric Bill! By Summer Watts

  35. The Bartender's Handbook by Philip A. Glass

  36. Termite Control by I. M. Underwood

  37. Why Katie R. Person by Oliver Karen

  38. How to Reinforce Your Fallout Shelter by Archie Bunker

  39. The Big Book of Magic Tricks by Emma Palmer

  40. Warfare in the Middle Ages by Lance Pearce

  41. Modern Larceny by Robin Banks

  42. The End of Summer by Flora Wilton

  43. How to Reduce Your Debt by Penny Owen

  44. The Textbook of Realty by Alicia Avila

  45. Telemarketing Schemes by Colin Connor

  46. Use of the Plough in Early Farming by Don Keys

  47. Advanced Hotel Management by Abel Booker

  48. How to Hide Your Drugs by Will Pillsbury

  49. Meteorological Aberrations by Maye Hayle

  50. Military Skirmishes by Chance Warren

  51. Working at a Book Store by Alf B. Tyson

  52. Hallucinogen Use Among Modern Native Americans by Freida Fry

  53. The Art of the Seance by Leda Spektor

  54. Wildlife Conservation in North America by Ada Wolfe

  55. Book of Online Dating by Randy Post

  56. Finally Getting Clean by Drew A. Bath

  57. The Big Book of Oxymorons by Rich Popper

  58. Cattle Identification Techniques by Brandon Sears

  59. How to Roast Seafood by Finn Browning

  60. The Perils of Online Shopping by Carrie Cash

  61. Making Final Arrangements by Wilma House

  62. The Lost Art of Juggling by Ginger Lee Holden

  63. Practical Drug Dealing by Selma Bud Downton

  64. Fire Truck Maintenance by Blair N. Bell

  65. Concurrent Skills of Harmonica Players by Connie Lynn Guss

  66. The Beard Book by Harry Chin

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