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Lineup 2020


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4 hours ago, R Shah said:

Is it just me but I feel All Time Low and maybe even D-Block Europe are bigger live acts than Run The Jewels? Is there defo no chance that RTJ will be 4th down and someone else could slot in 3rd? Maybe the logo is purely because they're RATM tour support?

Or am I completely deluded lol 

I agree with regards All Time Low. They should realistically be at least a slot or even two slots higher. They have been around for a long time now, well established band, couple of great songs that would go down well at leeds and have gone down well before when they have played. They were very good headlining Slam Dunk last year too in my opinion. When can we hope for 2nd Wave of acts? Mid March maybe? 

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14 minutes ago, Gerard the Fab said:

Honestly would

Also, I think we’ll get Halloweens which is two of the Vaccines somewhere, which might mean no Vaccines

Strange that they played a couple of new tunes at shows last year yet seem to be having the year off completely.

Wonder if they'll drop off considerably with a lack of material.

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1 minute ago, Newjem said:

The Subways in 2020... really?

On a positive note they got 100 gecs but I don't get why FR Stage? Hope they won't clash with Denzel...

Getting that nostalgia card like most other indie bands from that period with an anniversary tour of their biggest album. 
So will be off the back of that aha, still odd for a mainstage booking.

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8 minutes ago, Preensie said:

LOL and literally a few pages back most people were saying Lewis would not play this festival as is not his scene which is fair enough 

I think the thing is hes playing a special guest slot when he could very easily headline based on his size. Still don't think he'd headline but as a special guest he'll help make day tickets more appealing. 

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