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Lineup 2020


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Do you think they'll be a big enough Rage (from old school fans) following to get Courteeners bottled? Haven't seen a band being bottled for about 14 years at Reading.

*Not advocating violence, just don't wanna see Courteeners sub Rage*

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3 minutes ago, TheWaters said:

Made a quick mock clash finder based on last years times and put acts where I think they’ll be with which gaps are still to be filled etc.




Being able to see Denzel AND JPEGMAFIA or Stormzy would make that day a hell of a lot better.

Hoping there's a closing set so I get to see IDLES and RATM, but might just have to suck it up and watch Courteeners

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4 hours ago, defender4 said:

prick lol

to be fair from what i’ve seen, it’s 50/50. i think a lot of teenagers are actually gassed about rage being there, and i made a point to some that even if the music’s not their thing the crowd will be mad

i mean it doesn’t work with everyone 


hahaha I follow that boi

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42 minutes ago, VCK said:

Has there ever been a more odd pairing for headliner and sub than RATM and Courteeners? The Libertines and Kendrick in 2015, maybe, or The Cure and Paramore in 2012.

The Cure and Paramore wasnt odd for me as I liked both. Libe and Kendrick, Macklemore and Kendrick. RATM and Courtenners and generally the lineup this year, to the point I actually think Download has a better lineup that Reading and I rarely say that.

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41 minutes ago, ob123 said:

Not sure if I’m reading too much into this but there’s a bit of space between Stormzy and Migos and Gerry and D Block on the poster. Does this suggest someone could still be announced to fill in there?

Migos is subbing, its because Stormzy's name isnt over two lines.

There is a gap between Gerry and D block (Top 3 acts have their band font, not the festivals font)

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4 minutes ago, stanh said:

True point tbf... Solardo though I am very happy with!  

And yeah Hybrid Minds have grown a fair bit, probably just me being critical for no reason.

Wonder who the TBA act is!

I reckon the TBA will be Noisia or Sub Focus. Noisia doing their big farewell tour and sub focus is deffo working on something new

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14 minutes ago, Nobby's Old Boots said:

It is quite funny seeing some of these comments considering the smug, condescending attitude on here last night when the RATM reaction was being mocked.

Regardless of personal taste, Courteeners, Liam G and Cinnamon are clearly big enough to be in their spots. Bottle Courteeners 😂

Indeed, classic internet hypocrisy 

I imagine a lot of the kids going off on one about rage, are loving the lineup and will be down the front going mad with AJ Tracey, while we all bitch about having to sit through a load of bands we wont have to sit through as they'll be other stuff to see elsewhere

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