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Lineup 2020


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Just now, Mattymooz said:

Honsetly think the dance stage is the strongest part of this lineup. Would have thought Hybrid Minds, Hannah Wantsand Sonny Fodera would all be headliners for that.

Wonder who was supposed to be headlining before Rage extended there tour to Europe. I presume Courteeners with Two Door subbing?

Not a chance would they have Courteeners as a headliner with those other two headliners. RATM has been planned for a while

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Still an absolute ton to announce...

This is objectively speaking a great lineup and it'll only improve. 

Those subs will bring in a lot of people, especially Migos with Stormzy. 

It's the strongest 1xtra trio arguably ever. 

The FR headliners are huge. By the time the festival comes around Sports Team will he booming.  

The pit looks strong so far. 

The NME has some big names on it too. The top 9 will get decent crowds.  

It'll sell out. 

Edit : why would the stack up each day to reflect a genre? That's not how it works.

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9 minutes ago, SomeoneListeningIn said:

Also yeah, a lot of these clashes people are stressing about won't happen. They'll close stages early.

Will be really gutted if Idles overlap with Rage though.

Was thinking maybe they’ll finish Denzel or Peggy early so I can see one of them before Stormzy but that would just make them clash with Migos. Hate that.

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Might get a ticket for LG day if a group of us go but won’t bother if it would just be me and the missus.

A few pals have spoke about wanting to see Liam and I’d love to see Gerry Cinnamon and Fontaines DC again and then I can take in Ghetts, Cancer Bats, Aitch and Rex Orange County.


Disappointed overall with it to be honest though.

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9 minutes ago, lukecork said:


Looks like it's gonna be wade mate, I'm sure Frank came out and did a song last time.


Rattle snakes are smashing it tbh.

Tbf, I was speaking with Frank last year and he said if he ever joined Gallows again he'd mate it a big deal and everyone would know about it.
So looks like it won't be Frank, like you said he's absolutely smashing it with Rattlesnakes at the moment.
Can only hope it happens in the future!

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1 minute ago, ModBoy said:

Were still expecting a 3rd down act on the main stage for Saturday? As there are only 2 acts with their own font, however if TDCC are billed as a special guest on the Friday, could we expect another big name here? Either way who do we feel it could be?

My guess is Wolf Alice.

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