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Just now, SteventheG said:

I am a drummer ūüėČ

@Tom Connolly @cal321123 either play any instruments, I can play guitar


1 minute ago, TKOCF said:

I think the real Lineup 2020 was the friends we made along the way.

and the banter had 

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Lizzo is the biggest one i can think of, in more ways than one...

this thread:  

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9 minutes ago, VCK said:

Already happened in 2008.

QOTSA weren’t great that night though.

Aye, I thought it had happened already like, wouldn't say no to it happening again though. Thought some of the stuff from Villains was great, would like to see it live.

Think @Matt42's idea of Biffy subbing them is a more realistic one. A man can dream though!

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Just now, cal321123 said:

Up for bass ha, I'll take Mikey then.

Also, top 3 songs, not in order:

Cemetery Drive

Make Room

Party Poison 

Solid tunes, and I guess that leave @Tom Connolly as the mighty Gerard my idol and the basis of my name


1 minute ago, Stuielooie said:

I've never seen anyone use "TS" and "BC" before

honestly Biffy or Travis surely

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Not to fuel the fire but slipknot & mcr are currently bookies favourites at 7/2 & 4/1. I don't see it being Slipknot with Knotfest happening. 

Still saying: 

Stormzy / Dave 

Liam / Courteeners 



Biffy secret set. 


However would love to see Blink on the lineup. 

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1 minute ago, Chavmeisterdeluxe said:

Anyone could take a good stab at the line up now given the headliner pool seems to have been narrowed down to 7 or 8 people but he could be spot on, at this point you just wont know until tomorrow.

Or tonight after French things

Just now, Tom Connolly said:

i’ll take that anyday

Good good mate 

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