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Lineup 2020


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Just now, OnlyRevolutions said:

Wasn't there for the start, i was meaning once he had stopped speaking about the competition he played Own It, don't think it will have any relevance though

Oh no I think that’s just him going back into songs. If he played the one with the Reading and Leeds mention then maybe 

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11 minutes ago, Dukey said:

DMA's new single is fantastic, would be great to see them there. I'd be surprised though as they seem to be doing the smaller festivals like Truck/Kendall Calling etc 

The Blossoms album is pretty banging as well, could see them as an R1 headliner maybe

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12 hours ago, Sgby98 said:

Good comment to make yourself look out of touch, pretty much like saying let's not have any bands with a P in their name, like yeah a lot of the lil acts are poor but it's not like they're all related 😂 awful lot of diversity between acts with the name lil 

I’m glad I’m out of touch if any act with lil in their name is classed as good music 

comparing it to having no bands with p in their name is just ridiculous 

bands with p in their name are

1) bands 

2) not soundcloud rappers 

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