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Hey guys, 

This is a project i am completing for my final year project as part of my course (Product Design) and any help would be gratefully appreciated 
I would like to invite you to complete my questionnaire on the topic
 "To re-design a mobile unit for traders to use at events and festivals that uses 100% renewable energy to power the unit."
Questionnaire for Punters 
Questionnaire for Traders 
Feel free to leave comments with any other information you may wish to share. Also comment if any problems 
Many Thanks 

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Done. Though I've never been classed as part time before when doing 35 hours a week.

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Hey guys,

I am a third year events management student at university and I'm looking for volunteers to help me with my dissertation research. I am researching Glastonbury, social media and the fear of missing out (FoMO). 

I am looking for people who have attended Glastonbury at least once to take a quick survey that should take no longer than 5mins to complete. 

It would be a great help with my final year dissertation. 

Here is the link; https://surveyhero.com/c/154dd864

Thanks in advance!

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