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Field Day 2018

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I said after the Friday Erykah Badd was worth the price of admission for the whole weekend. Shouldn't have bothered on the Saturday. So awfully crowded and quiet  

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I thought the barn was the only place that seemed really crowded....the rest of the site just felt like a normal festival in regards to the crowd size.

I had no trouble getting in to any of the other tents, even for Fever Ray, and the main outdoor stage was obviously completely fine - although I am one of these people who like to get in place a good ten minutes or so before an act starts so I can't speak for what it was like turning up once a set had started.

I found there were minimal queues for any of the bars or toilets so there was no problem there.

The barn was too small and the 2 or 3 exits/entrances were an absolute shambles, they are lucky there weren't any injuries or god forbid anything worse.

The thing is I could predict exactly what it would be like just from seeing it myself quickly when I turned up at midday, so how many people involved with the event must have had the same thought during the preceding days?

They could quite easily have had a rethink and had a designated exit and a designated entry that was completely overseen by the security team  - yes it would have been a pain in the arse for everybody but it could have been the best and safest idea at such short notice.

These are supposed to be experienced events organisers, and it is very poor that the decision was quite obviously made to put profits before safety.

All in all they have quite simply got away with one, and I hope they learn from this for next year (I fully expect the barn to be scrapped though!).



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