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lots of small 2-4-1 national lottery shows have just gone on sale - lots of big acts, Everything Everything in particular are doing a lot of towns including Cheese & Grain in Frome, Somerset 🙂

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One thing I found odd about booking Biffy Clyro tickets earlier was that the London O2 date was £12 per ticket more than the Birmingham RWA show. Which caught me a little by surprise. I know London shows are generally pricier and that tickets are more expensive following a VAT increase than if this show had been announced last year, but that kind of price gap is nuts.

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Electric Ballroom is a bigger venue than what I was expecting but I still reckon they have got a good chance of selling it out. The friends and special guests bit makes me reckon there's a good chance of a decent undercard, some of their frequent collaborators like The Skints, Kid Kapichi and Strange Bones all together would be a fucking stellar evening.



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13 hours ago, benali said:

Normally I'm not fussed about US festival line ups but this is incredible.



weird lineup, OSEES all nights and friday and saturday have pretty damn similar top 2 rows

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1 minute ago, The Clearest Blue said:

Anyone know if you can get in the Jamie T presale without actually buying the album?

If you get the answer for this give me a shout please! Cheers

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