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On 10/1/2021 at 8:54 AM, Suprefan said:

Maybe a combo of that. If it was with proper Kasabian then you really have the interest of a lot of people. I think anyone who goes should temper their expectations on that front. Liam could also do a bunch of other Oasis songs on top of what he normally does. I swear its gonna be ridiculous if they try to add another date. Tickets will go for pennies later on.

Didn't Oasis tour with Kasabian as support for a full stadium tour in 2009?

Can imagine that was a pretty enormous scale kinda deal.

On 10/1/2021 at 8:55 AM, gfa said:

Its in the middle of nowhere honestly, probably the main reason - especially with London so nearby why bother

Same with Milton Keynes Bowl, I find. Good venue but I imagine getting there for the London based or further afield is terrible. Can't really remember what the last time Knebworth hosted a big thing was, mind.

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10 hours ago, Florian Saucer Attack said:

I wouldn't say I am a satanta fan, I like abraxas but have not delved further into his music.

I think there is a very obvious distinction between criticising a musician or their music and saying fans of that musician should feel ashamed of themselves.

I really don't care for Ed Sheeran and I don't understand why he is so popular but I don't think his fans should feel shame for liking him. Who am I am to judge them?

Are you one of those people who looks down at goths or metalheads or any other music subculture? Maybe you come from one of these subcultures which makes your statement even more shameful

What have you got against goths and metalheads? Pretty shameful take that.

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19 minutes ago, Gilgamesh69 said:

Oooh, they're playing here on Thursday, at a pretty nice venue. Might have to check them out

Their album came out a couple of weeks ago, give it a listen if you haven't already. They sound spot on live

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10 minutes ago, Brownie30 said:

Nothing seems to have been announced on their official channels asides from a Facebook event, but Manchester Orchestra seem to have some January UK dates (only 2 if ticketmaster is to be believed) set to be announced, and on sale now...?



Acoustic set

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Wet Leg, the band confirm headline tour for April 2022,

Newcastle St Doms, 16 April
Edinburgh The Mash House, 17
Leeds Brudenell Social Club, 19
Manchester Gorilla, 20
Bristol Trinity Centre, 21
Birmingham O2 Institute 3, 23
Norwich Arts Centre, 24
London Scala, 26
Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms, 27

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32 minutes ago, dentalplan said:

Hearing that The Strokes have been leaked to be supporting the Chili Peppers on their US stadium tour is the most offensive and upsetting thing I’ve heard in months.

Really? That's a tour the UK would be all over but never get. The Strokes and Chili Peppers at the same gig.

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1 hour ago, Hugh Jass said:

The big paydays look like they're drying up then.

This isn't playing third down at Kentish Town Forum. They're the main support at 65k seater ginormo-stadium shows, will shift a considerable number of tickets even being on the bill, and will be getting a very fat cheque for it.

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