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Last time they played the UK it was at London Stadium and the crowd were dead, why can’t they do an arena tour 🤦‍♂️ Supports are great but might sit out this one and patiently wait for an arena tour that’ll probably never happen 😂

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27 minutes ago, Hugh Jass said:

We had this a few weeks ago, someone got rather upset at a light hearted comment I made querying the word “hits”.

They’ve got a few:

’The Wombatting Song’

’Remember You’re a Wombat’

’We Wish You a Wombatting Merry Christmas’

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3 minutes ago, kingcrawler said:

I think she’s still free on the Friday isn’t she? Glastonbury > Manchester > Dublin seems quite likely to me.

She is but she hasn't got a lot of three night runs booked in. The only one of her EU tour is actually the week after, because she's in London twice. 

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33 minutes ago, Hugh Jass said:

Poster looks like something the local tribute band would knock together, which is why i initially thought it was fake.

Covid has been tough on us all, they are probably saving money by getting Dave's kids to do it and flying in business class rather than first.

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Made the bizarre decision to go to Black Midi at the windmill last night having just got back from 110 above in the early hours of the very same morning. Safe to say it was a good decision with them even bringing out 953 for a spin. Wow have a couple of days break before Kennyhoopla on Thursday and Green Man at the weekend. The week after keeps nice and busy with Declan McKenna and a day each of Leeds, Victorious and All points east respectively. Really starting to feel like gigs are back in full flow!

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6 minutes ago, henry bear said:


presale 10am tomorrow 

Thanks - is there a link to the website as well?

I'm guessing there isn't one for the London Stadium direct as I am on the mailing list and they only mentioned Friday morning general sale. 

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