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Strictness on teens without adults

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Okay so me and a big group of friends, mostly aged 17, are going to eotr next week mostly without parents. People with teen tickets are meant to be accompanied by an adult getting into the festival and only 2 people in out group have parents coming with them. I was just wondering if it will be necessary for us to all meet up before going in (those of us without parents will be getting there by bus, those with parents by car) so that we're all accompanied by an adult, or if the people on the door wont care. Also will it matter that only 3 adults will be accompanying about 12 teens? Have any of you seen teens without parents turned away in the past or have got in no problem unaccompanied on a teen ticket? Any info would help, it would be very useful if we're able to get in without meeting up with the adults due to us travelling separately. Thanks in advance, comment if you have any more questions about our situation that would help you help me.

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