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First Creamfield question : Day ticket closing time

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Hey !

It will be my first Creamfield but I have a question regarding the closing time for day ticket at 9PM on the Sunday.

Does that means that all DJ will play between 12 - 9 PM or could they play after 9PM just for camping ticket people ?

What I would love is to see KSHMR, Hardwell, Tiesto, Alesso (and a lot of the other haha) but will I be ensured to see them with my one day ticket ?

Also, I'll go alone from Stoke On Trent so if anybody does too let me know ! Or any group/people alone who want to meet there, let me know know, I'd be happy to share this moment with other people :)

Thanks in advance !



PS : Sorry for my English, I'm not native

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Alright, I can't edit my post anymore but it's solved now,

so I messaged them on FB, and it was an error, they put a correct version on their website where it's clearly indicated day tickets until 11PM (when the music stops) on Sunday. (and until 4AM on Saturday)

Maybe it will be helpful for some people who wondered too about it !


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