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Reading newbie, few questions :)

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This will be my first year going to Reading.

Going with a couple people, will be pitching 2 tents. If we leave early Friday morning what are the chances of getting spaces? Thinking of camping in Brown or White.

How far is the walk from white to the arena? 

Is it true you can get on a boat?

How far away is Tesco & is the leisure centre open to reading fest goers?

We've bought green car park but can we still camp/park in white?

TIA to everyone who reads and responds! ☺️

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White to the arena is a fair stride - probably best part of a mile walk. Weather looks fab so finding a spot that won't be soggy is a lot better this year.

There's a boat between Green car park to the festival.

Leisure centre is closed throughout.

Tesco is a log walk, you'd not want to do that more than once (the one closest to the festival is awkward to get to, the one furthest away is close to the car park - load up when parking).

No clue about swapping green/white, but my guess is that if you head for white and get stuck in the lanes, they'll let you in (too much hassle otherwise). But it is a gamble.

Extra security means you'll probably want to be heading for the arena sooner rather than later on Friday.

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