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The rules show that there is absolutely no re-entry from the car parks after 4pm on Friday until Monday. These rules are not that easy to find.

I have spoken to the office and they confirm this is the case.

That means that all those who like to load up their car during the day on Sunday which from my experience is a lot of people (families and those who have t work on Monday) can only do so in one go and then leave.

I asked for the rules what time Monday starts - as on Monday you can come and go from site t car parks - they could not tell me!

I asked how people who had to leave before Monday and those who had to do more than one load to the car (i.e. families) could do so - they could not tell me!

They said I should send an e-mail with questions - which I already had done on 16th August. I have no sent another.

Maybe I am just odd but to me loading the car in the day on Sunday is 'normal' at festivals, even if it is just getting rid of stuff you don't need to speed up exit on Monday.

I thought people should be aware as I can see loads not knowing and there being all sorts of problems on Sunday.


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I agree. This rule seems very odd. I can understand them not wanting people to leave the car park onto local roads and then come back as it affects local residents, but what's being achieved by not allowing people to walk backwards and forwards to the car park I don't see, especially on Sunday when some people need to leave site and need to do several trips to the car park with their stuff.


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What you're missing is it effects their profit model - if you can bring in a seemingly infinite supply of food and drink from your vehicle the vendors can't push their wares. This is often disguised using security theatre, where they say they don't allow this because people might smuggle items in by making multiple trips. However they could just as easily re-search you on entry, which makes this an invalid concern. They'd also have to post entry staff for longer to re-admit people, but could just as easily confine re-entry to a specific window. Again, money.

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