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2 minutes ago, The Nal said:

Yep trolling time over, we're in reality now. Looks good. No rain on YR or Met Office really. 

Don't you fucking dare. You need to keep this up till the gates are open. Don't wimp out on us now, man.


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Weather looks pretty good! I've run out of time to do the usual forecast I like to do, but a quick summary:

Today (Thursday) is the coolest day, with temperatures gradually rising through the weekend (and beyond). Highs could be 23-24 C by Sunday. Overnight minimums could be as low as 11-12 C, so pack layers! It also looks predominantly sunny after today, although it will be broken by a few clouds.

There's an outside chance of a light shower most days, but I think it's probably unlikely on Thursday, Friday and Sunday. Saturday is the day with the highest chance of rain coming off the channel in the morning, which might persist for a couple of hours. There's a fair possibility though that this could miss us altogether to the east.

It looks a bit breezy at times, which might have a minor impact on sound quality on Woods. Pitch facing east to get a cooling breeze in your tent.

Off to catch my coach. See you all there!!!

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Well, that turned out nice didn’t it? No rain and we missed out on the major heat of today and the next few days. Also i thought it seemed pretty mild at night this year? Didn’t need the hat and coat 😁

Also, not just the weather but the place was brilliant again. Such a great festival. 


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