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A quick look at the weather forecasts and they all seem to say the same thing

Dry & Warm with some cloud cover but chilly on Sunday. There may be a shower tomorrow afternoon. On the plus side cloud cover means it's not quite as cold at night with the minimum being around 14 deg c on Sunday and around the 10 mark else where. All reports agree Friday and Saturday will be the warmest and sunniest days with Thursday and Sunday variable across websites.

It should be better weather than last year

I'll take it 

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I've been checking bbc, met office, metcheck, accuweather and another one religiously. They change frequently and there is no consistency.


I predict a traditional EOTR, mostly warm, plenty of sunshine, with one day being subject to a short spell of light drizzle.

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Sunday does not look good wherever you look, still plenty of time for that to change though.

Tomorrow seems very uncertain with a lot of places saying only rain for a few hours early evening, with others saying showers throughout the day so it doesn't look like we'll get a reliable forecast until the morning.


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