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Glastonbury tattoo - help needed

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I have been considering one for about a year now, but need to decide on a design.

I am tempted to get something like the image on the poster this year (in black and white, or at least tone down the colours a bit). Thinking of getting it without the hill and Tor in the background, though.


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On 30/07/2017 at 1:16 PM, rex said:

I want to get a "Glastonbury 2018 wristband" tattoo - that way I can remove the 2015/16/17 ones I'm currently wearing!

Anyone wanna help me design it?

Did you get the tattoo done? I've been emailed with a cancellation tomorrow which I'm tempted to go for (non Glastonbury related) and have an 8/9 sitting to look forward to at the end of October (all being well!). Be good to see the end result if you got yours...

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I don't want a tattoo, and never have done - apart from once mulling over having a bar code on my arm or neck,  but that was decades ago. I used to think it a mad thing to do to oneself, whether it be for fashion reasons, angry reasons, or an expression that one has failed to express oneself correctly, and at a tempo that is comfortable. Then, just last Friday, I saw a bloke at the Equinox Festival with a half tattoo'd face. I swear to you, then and there, I kind of understood why he had done it. Vanity apart, it was an expression of NO. I've never had the courage to say 'NO' before, but this bloke had the courage to fucking emblazon it across his own boat race. I think I get it now. And I confess, I'm a coward compared to that bloke.,

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