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The other Bellboy

Liver damage

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14 minutes ago, ian the worm said:

A Nurse once explained that the best thing when over 40 is to abstain for 3 consecutive days each week to allow the liver to recover. 

I've been dry for 21 months now and public about it for about 15. 

Its amazing how many people I meet at the festival each year that are "almost" at giving up stage but looking for a starting point.  Also, the amount of people in recovery like me that I met at the festival is outstanding.  We share the same feeling and there is often a lingering look between us when we discover we're both doing it. Some are open, some are private  

One private guy asked in my bar where he could buy zero alcohol beers on site. I took great delight in informing him that I knew exactly what he was going through and that he'd better get used to drinking water, lemonade or mock-tails.  I hate all sugary mixers which is such a bummer when you're out. He couldn't believe his luck that he'd found the only non drinking barman in town!

Obviously I'm not anti drinking, far from it, it's great getting drunk.... just putting my story out there once again to hopefully inspire the next person that is having an negative relationship with alcohol that it really is ok to admit your addiction and give up. 

Happy as always to connect in confidence  via PM. 


great post, my OH had to stop drinking about 10 years ago , he had a massive heart attack at 24 and his heart function deteriorated so bad that he knew that alcohol was not helping.  He has 33 percent heart function now at nearly 47 (yes he's a lot younger than me ) he has an internal defibrillator fitted , on the second one now which is checked via wifi. He also had a bad relationship to drink .. vodka based and he wasn't pretty on it. best thing he ever did, far happier. Hasn't helped his heart so much but helped him deal with the condition in a more positive mind . Alcohol as a depressant makes life unbearable sometimes 

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32 minutes ago, stuartbert two hats said:

Energy levels are back up now, so it's wine this evening :D

Good man:) glad to hear it. 

I have 9 days to the repeat blood test so i'm remaining strong - for now anyway!

There's a box of wine left over from the other week that's taunting us every time we go in the kitchen - 9 days and we will get our revenge!

Keep that liver in good shape as 2019 will be here before we know it - cheers:)

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So, had the results of my recheck back and as everyone said, its all ok.

Apparently its the LTA result? Anyway 1 week post Glasto the value was 72 and after 2 more weeks of not drinking it was 23, they say the target is to be below 42. Needless to say i have a hangover today after last nights post result celebration:)

Have no idea how these values compare to raging alcoholics, but i didn't notice any particular effects and would assume that by the Sunday of Glastonbury that the reading could have been 100 or more

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