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Passport/Valuables advice for a foreign festival

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Hi, I've been looking at festivals and keeping valuables safe e.g not putting a lock on tent and stuff like that, basically I'm going to lowlands festival (alone) and I just want advice on how to keep my passport safe as I'd kinda like to get back to the UK after!


Would it be safer to go glamping or would camping be a better option; glamping = 137eur camping= 70gbp plus hold baggage on the plane if I need it (I assume I will), I do assume glamping would be better but I'd prefer advice from people who've done it before, also I plan on taking 1 backpack, I assume clothing will be safe in a tent?


This is probably basic stuff tbh it's just I've never been to a festival in the UK let alone a foreign one! - Well I went to field day but... Any help would be sick!

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I'll leave a couple skiddies in my boxers to make sure ;) Nah but thanks, I never knew about the lockers!

Thanks man, I'm pretty pumped.

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Okay, I actually just looked into the glamping a bit more, would you say the basic 2 person tent is enough, or would you say I should get the 'Festipi', to be honest im not too bothered about accommodation as long as I can shut my eyes a few hours and have a bit of room for uh, movement.. 

Otherwise I could get this lot; 




but with luggage hold ontop that's probably going to cost about the same as the basic glamping option...

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