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Rate The Performances You Saw Out of 10

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Sticking to main stage music acts: 

Friday : Hacienda Classical - 9, Charli XCX - 0, Ross From Friends - 6.5, Future Islands - 10 (I was very drunk), Bicep (live) - 7

Saturday : Thundercat - 6

Sunday : The Smyths - 7, Forest Swords - 5.7 (I wasn't in the mood)

I mostly saw T&C acts.

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1 hour ago, Spindles said:

I can't even process all I have seen, almost everything I took the time to get to see was fantastic, very little disappointment.  Alison Moyet was the decision of the week for me, I had a great spot and both she and the crowd were well up for it, that was an 11 at least.

Ooh, hello fellow Moyet fan! Wasn't it fantastic (and isn't she amazing!)

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1 hour ago, Chinaski_ said:

The Flaming Lips - 10/10 absolute class, always heard great things about them live, best headliner of the weekend.

Totally agree with this. Best of the weekend. Visually excellent as well.

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Thu: Noisia - 7

Fri: Georgia - 8

Hamilton Leithauser - 8

Glass animals - 5

Royal Blood - 7

Future Islands - 10

Radiohead - 9

Sat: Maggie rogers - 7

Liam Gallagher - 8

The National - 8

Foo fighters - 8

Sun: real estate -6

King gizzard - 7

Frank Carter - 8

The killers - 9

Kano - 6

Justice - 7

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  • Andrew Maxwell Morris 6
  • New York Brass Band 8


  • Pretenders 8 A great start, Chrissie Hynde was superb, right on it I thought
  • Rews 6
  • Black Honey 7
  • Dua Lipa 4 (Left halfway)
  • First Aid Kit 7
  • Glass Animals 5
  • Angel Olsen 8
  • Elbow 9 Iconic Glastonbury, I was desperate to see One Day Like This as the sun went down. 
  • Radiohead 9 Idiots in crowd talking throughout it prevented the 10.


  • Bootleg Beatles 6
  • Joseph 5
  • Jools Holland 6
  • Stone Foundation (Half Set) 4
  • The Big Moon 9 I loved this gig, hope they make it big. They seems so pleased to be there. When they asked us to quieten down so they could hear Craig David from Pyramid!?!
  • K T Tunstell 8 (Was in emotional bits during Other Side of the World)
  • Katy Perry 6 (Sound issues where I was)
  • The National 6 Was so looking forward to them, but I felt they failed to spark
  • Alison Moyet 6 She came on stage very late due to technical issues - this really grates me when you're on a schedule in those crowds!
  • The Jacksons 8 for the moves 2 for the sound Really, really dreadful sound - such a shame, West Holts had all the signs of an epic night, but it was ruined by sound issues


  • Avalonain Choir 5 Not my thing, but a nice cameo from Michael 
  • She Drew the Gun 8
  • Dropkick Murphys 9
  • Laura Marling (2nd half) 8 Really what I needed by this time, nice, peaceful, bit of food, sitting in the sun.
  • Frank Carter 10 Was only there for The Killers and he blew me - and my expectations - away
  • Killers 9
  • Goldfrapp 5 Was so looking forward to this pre-festival, but the 27 minutes late start flattened my mood after what had gone before in John Peel
  • Emeli Sande 4 Absolutely no crowd to speak of, no atmosphere, poor sound.. I thought Read All About It as the sun went down would be a moment, but it wasn't really
  • Ed Sheeran 6 Did what I expected. Crowds were insane, I went to Pyramid from Other via Theatre  & Circus and Kidney Mead in the end.

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The Pretenders -7

Paul Carrack - 7

Ata Kak - 9

The Lemon Twigs - 9

Kate Tempest - 10

The XX - 5

Funky Thom and the Radio Heads - 9


Bootleg Beatles - 7

Khruangbin - 6

Afriquoi - 9

Thundercat - 8

Avalanches -8

Father John Misty - 9

Phoenix - 8


Laura Marling - 9

Omou Sangare - 7

Shaggy - 5

Moderat - 9

Justice - 9

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Thursday - The Orb Adventures Beyond Ultraworld, 9

Friday - Hacienda, 9; Dua Lipa, 5 (bland); Mark Lanergan, 6 (disappointed, he looked dead); Royal Blood, 8 (I enjoyed their 2014 JP set far more); Little Dragon, 8 (actually great, but too much rambling in the middle); Anderson Paak, 9 (a few sound issues at the start); Flaming Lips, 20 billion!!

Saturday - King Porter Stomp, 8; Echo Town, 9; Thundercat, 8; Craig David, 9 (a big surprise, in a good way!); BadBadNotGood, 7; Stormzy, 10; Foos, 10;

Sunday - She Drew the Gun, 8; Davos, 9; Cassette Boy Vs DJ Rubbish, 8; Yorkston, Thorne & Khan, 10; Chic, 11; Kelston Cobblers Club, 7 (good, but not my thing); Biffy Clyro, 10; then had to leave before Justice, who sounded an 11 on the radio!


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Summary of the bigger acts (not everyone I watched):


The Prentenders - 7/10 - Still sound good, great start to the day.

Royal Blood - 10/10 - Incredible set and great crowd. I think they could potentially headline in the future.

The XX - 7/10 - Had mixed feelings about the first half, but the second half was great, got the crowd going and made up for it.

Radiohead - 9/10 - Sounded fantastic with the set building up to an incredible finale. I personally think that they should have dropped songs such as ‘Bloom’, ‘Weird Fishes’ and ‘Full Stop’ from the setlist to make way for more classics.


Kaiser Chiefs - 7/10 - Always pretty good live, but the new songs were really bad and seemed to kill the crowd.

Liam Gallagher - 8/10 - Really enjoyed the set, especially all the Oasis songs.

The National - 8/10 - Sounded great but most of the crowd didn’t seem to know their music very well (even at the front). I think they would have been better suited to a different stage.

Foo Fighters - 10/10 - Played all the hits and had a great crowd throughout. One of the very best Pyramid headline sets I have watched in the 5 years that I have attended.


Slaves - 9/10 - Fantastic loud and energetic wake up for the final day.

Barry Gibb - 7/10 - Better than I expected but not as good as other ‘Sunday legends’ I have seen (e.g. Dolly Parton or Lionel Richie).

Chic - 10/10 -  Incredible set and crowd.

Biffy Clyro - 8/10 - Sounded great and could potentially headline in the future. Sadly I was stuck right in the middle of the locals with free Sunday tickets at the back of the front pit….most of them sat on their camping chairs throughout (one was even even reading a book!) all waiting for Ed Sheeran.

Ed Sheeran - 6/10 - Not bad but nothing to shout about either. Despite what the BBC were saying, I definitely didn't think it was a classic Pyramid headline set. I think he deserved the chance to headline, but parts felt rushed and it wasn’t as good as it needed to be. Although I have seen lots of people say the the crowd was huge, their was lots more space in the front pit than on Friday and Saturday night.

Overall - 9/10 - One of the very best Glastonbury’s I have attended (2011, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017). Quality of the lineup and dry weather played a large part in this.

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Haçienda Classical - 7

The Pretenders (last 15 mins) - 5 

Charli XCX - 6

First Aid Kit (first half) - 6

The Lemon Twigs (second half) - 7 

Declan McKenna - 8

Royal Blood - 8

The xx - 9

Radiohead - 10


Jools Holland - 4

Craig David - 8

Run the Jewels - 8

Katy Perry - 7

The Avalanches (second half) - 4

Solange - 9 

Foo Fighters (first 40 mins, then Everlong) - 9

Phoenix - 8


Dropkick Murphys - 7

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - 8

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes - 10

The Killers - 9

Biffy Clyro - 6

Ed Sheeran - 4

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Atlas Wynd 6/10
Bert Miller and the Animal Folk 7/10
The Frukes 7/10
Thrill Collins 8/10
Formidable Vegetable Sound system 9/10
Ace Trio 7/10
Black Kat Boppers 9/10


Andrew Maxwell Morris 7/10
The Smyths 9/10
Thrill Collins 10/10 - Amazing spontaneous performance outside SHITV while the stage was still being built around them, not seen anything like it!
Withnail & I 10/10 - Loved the car!


Hacienda Classical 7/10 (from distance)
Paul Carrack 8/10 (from distance)
Blossoms 8/10
First Aid Kit 7/10
Glass Animals 7/10
Halsey (part) 8/10
Darlingside 10/10 - Check them out if like Simon and Garfunkel
The XX (part) 8/10
Radiohead 10/10


The Bootleg Beatles 5/10
Gabrielle Aplin (Part) 8/10
Whitney 9/10
British Sea Power 7/10
The Amazons (Part) 6/10
Wild Beasts (Part) 6/10
Kaiser Chiefs 8/10
Liam Gallagher (part) 7/10
King Gizzard 7/10
The National 7/10 - Good but back to the levels when I first saw them
Foo Fighters 9/10 - Would have been 10 if they had spent less time doing extended outros.


Real Estate (Part) 7/10
Dropkick Murphys 5/10
Rag N' Bone Man 9/10 - Above expectations
Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes 9/10
The Killers 10/10 - Brilliant
Biffy Clyro (part) 7/10
Goldfrapp (part) 9/10
RY X 0/10 No Show!
Headshy (part) 6/10
Ed Sheeran (Part) 5/10

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Pretenders 7 great start

Paul Carrack 8 an unexpected pleasure 

Blossoms 7

Circa waves 4 not for me

Glass animals 5 started ok then went shit 

Ride 7 another unexpected pleasure 

Future islands 8 great atmosphere 

Radiohead 9 bad view and to many people talking but sounded fantastic 

Stone foundation 5 pleasent enough soul 

Chaim tannebaum 5 easy folk couldn't be bothered moving 


Kt Tunstall 7 great performance 

Katy Perry 6 sound poor but good effort overall 

The national 9 one of my hilights 

Foo fighters 8 more there for my wife who loves them . They put on a great show but not my bag 

Frank Carter and the rattlesnakes 3 just shite I know people luv him but I don't get it .

Killers 8 to packed and ended up outside tent but still good performance 

Goldfrapp 8 started late but was a stunning set 

Ed Sheeran 6 had a good go but not a headliner for me and just got bored 

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Hurm.   Initial thoughts:


The Mighty Peas - 6. Standard Bandstand stuff.

Mik Artistik on the Bandstand - 7 (suffered a bit from poor sound.  I think they genuinely did keep turning the vocal up in his monitor!)

New York Brass Band - NA (were playing unamplified so couldn't hear them)

Napalm Death - 5. Spent most of it with my mates telling me they wanted to leave.


Hacienda Classical - 7. Good way to kick things off, but was over just as it was getting going.

Half of The Pretenders - 5. Included the worst drum solo of all time.

Charli XCX - 8.  An explosion of energy and pink streamers.

Margo Price- 9. My girl goddamn smashed it.

First Aid Kit - 8. Country and Western afternoon. Brought out the King Kenny.

Kris Kristofferson - 6. I'm sure this will merit more discussion in the days to come. We knew what we were walking into and went with our eyes open.

Kate Tempest - 9.5. Devastating stuff. Not a dry eye in the house.

Darlingside - 4. Random bimbling pick. Not my cuppa.

Sally Ann Haywards - 3. Convenient T&C pick. Pretty mild sauce and a tiny crowd. 

Paak - 8.  Even though he didn't do any of my favourite tracks.

The Flaming Lips - 10. Second classic set at the G by Drozd and the lads.


The Bootleg Beatles - 7.  Faultless songs, obviously,  but dunno if the vibe ever quite landed for them. They maybe needed their visuals.

Whitney - 8. Good vibes. 

Afriquoi - 8.  A nice surprise. Place was bouncing by the end of it.

Half of Thundercat - 6.5. Decent, but never quite caught fire.

Corbyn - NA. He's against bad things and in favour of good things.

RTJ -7. Fun, but not quite the bangingness of WH two years back.

Pezza - 8. Had a blast. New songs tanked a bit and the audio glitches were unfortunate, but parts were a whole tonne of fun.

Half of The Avalanches -7. Seemed to miss the sound issues that others had, although was starting to get pretty well oiled by this point.

Solange - 6. Still find her too downbeat a live proposition. Not what our team were needing at that point.

The Jacksons - 8. Had a ball. Vocals were too quiet, but think we still hit a sweet spot sound-wise.


Orchestra Baobab - 7. Gentle start to the day.

Davos - 6. Random Glade pick. Piano house. Pretty decent.

Dropkick Murphys - 6. Fine, if a bit repetitive shouty aggro.

Matzka - Random Gully pick.  Felt a bit bad for the guy as he'd come all the way from Taiwan and it was pretty empty.

Right Bazza - 10.  Absolutely owned it.

Chic - 10. Also absolutely owned it. 

Jain - 9. Last chance to see her in such small spot I reckon.

Dawn Penn - 8. An extra point cos she did Are You There? 

Justice - 8.  Bouncy, entertaining climax to WH for the weekend.

Ronni Size - 9. Right under the Spider for this.  Pretty much off my cakes by this point.

DJ Frankie Francis in the HMS Sweet Charity - 9. Taps Aff.

Think we also caught a chunk of Fabio and Grooverider at some point,  but who knows where it was really or what was going on.

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Hats off to those of you that managed to see so many acts! Crowds and bad timing on my part arsed up most of my Saturday then Toots not showing nearly tipped me over the edge! I was still having a great time though :) 

Acts I saw enough of to rate:

Lucy Gallant – 7
The Orb – 4

Hacienda Classical – 7
Paul Carrack – 8
Blossoms – 7
First Aid Kit – 8
Craig Charles Funk & Soul (not the whole 3 hour set obvs) – 7
Future Islands – 10
Anderson .Paak – 8
Tried Radiohead but wasn't feeling it TBH, arrived late and everyone was talking where I was stood. Mate stayed and thought it the best set of the weekend! Headed over to catch the end of the Quo which I give a – 7

Afriquoi – 8
BadBadNotGood – 6
George Ezra (BBC Intro) – 4
The National – 8
Foo Fighters – 9

Yorkstone, Thorne & Khan – 7
Killers – 9 (couldn't see from sound desk area) or may have been a 10
London Grammar – 10
Justice – 9
Nubian Twist – 8


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Napalm Death - 8 - I can say I've seen Napalm Death and that's just great

Yuma - 7 - Stumbled upon - nice sounds but not overly memorable

Labess  — 8 - Another Stumble upon but great fun



The Pretenders - 7 - Nice start to the day

Bo Ningen - 9 - As excellent as when I saw in December

Ride - 6 - Forgettable but ok

Little Dragon - 7 - Consistent at least. Yukimi is still bae

Anderson Paak - 10 - The real 'oh shit' moment of the weekend. Loved the records - think I love the live show even more. A total boogie get down

Radiohead - 7 - As good as I expected they'd be, but there's a reason I didn't try and see all of it, or stick around for the rest of it

Flaming Lips - 9 - Glad I ditched Radiohead for, visuals I'll never forget



Thundercat - 9 - Seen several times and he's getting better and better. So.Damn.FUNKY

RTJ - 9 - The right hook to the head that field needs sometimes. BASS

Katy Perry - 9 - I achieved exactly the level of fucked up I wanted to have an absolute blast

Solange - 9  - Majestic. Better than her sister

The Jacksons - 8 - Had a ball. -2 for Tito's god awful songs



Barry Gibb - 9  - Actually my surprise of the weekend. I'm really happy I can say I've seen and loved him

Chic - 10 - Never in doubt

Jagwar Ma - 8 - Good time fun time band

Justice - 9 - The right ending to cap off a day that didn't feel like a sunday. Hurrah!


That's an average of 8.3 -  Good Times!

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The Lemon Twigs 6/10 

Future Islands 8/10

Lorde 8/10 

Major Lazer 4/10 



Amber Arcades 7/10  

The Moonlandingz 8/10 

The Big Moon 8/10 

Katy Perry 9/10 

Father John Misty 8/10 

The Jacksons 5/10 


Slaves 8/10 

Julia Jacklin 7/10 

The Killers 9/10 

Jagwar Ma 7/10 

BBK 8/10 



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Pumarosa - 6. Decent start to the festival

Circa Waves - 7. Not a huge fan but 40 minutes was enough to cover their biggest songs and unlike the last time I saw them the crowd wasn't exclusively drunk 15 year olds.

Everything Everything - 7. Ended up much further back in the tent for this one, reckon I would have enjoyed it much more where I was before. Still a good set though, just not as enjoyable as their 2015 one.


Charli XCX - 7. This was a weird one for me, half the songs were bangers but thought the other half were awful. Fun way to start the day though.

Margo Price - 7. Much better than I expected. Not the sort of thing I'm usually into but her and the band put in a really good performance. Didn't play Hands of Time though and that's the only song of hers I really like :lol: 

Hamilton Leithauser - 9. Went into it loving A 1000 Times and thinking the rest of the album was alright but this was fantastic, with the A 1000 Times being one of my highlights of the festival. Good crowd too.

Glass Animals - 7. Did really well on a big stage, good sized crowd who seemed pretty into it. Was really pleased they did Agnes.

Ride - 6. Solid enough performance, absolutely nothing memorable about it though.

The xx - 8. Really good set, feel like they work much better in the dark with the lights though. 

Radiohead - 10. GOAT.


Gabrielle Aplin - 7. Did most of her best stuff and was a nice start to the day.

Whitney - 8. Really enjoyable set, a much better live band than I'd anticipated. 

Wild Beasts - 6. They were fine and are a band I like but there was nothing to get too excited about here.

Run the Jewels - 8. Not huge on them but this was great fun.

Liam Gallagher - 7. Last minite decision to head to this over Katy Perry. Oasis songs were fun, most of the new ones were pretty forgettable. 

The National - 7. Tough slot for them but that run of new songs killed any momentum. 

Father John Misty - 10. Outstanding set. Really good atmosphere for this and despite not knowing some songs the set never really dipped for me. 

Phoenix - 8. Really fun way to end the day, even if they were at least 25 minutes late. Stage set up was cool and they did most of the bangers.


Sundara Karma - 7. I like the album without being a big fan of it and this set was the same.

Real Estate - 6. Pleasant enough but not the most exciting thing live.

King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - 6. Not a huge fan and this was quite hit and miss for me.

Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes - 8. Knew nothing about them other than who Frank was but this was excellent, playing to a crowd of Killers fans seemed to work in their favour.

The Killers - 9. They were the first band I got into really so was good to see them just perform the hits from a nostalgia point of view. Really fun hour.

Courteeners - 7. I think they work better in smaller venues where you don't notice how poor Liam Fray's voice can be live. Was nice to hear The Opener.

Moderat - 5. I'm sure this performance was good but I just couldn't get into it, I like some of their stuff on record but wasn't for me live.

Justice - 8. Great way to end the festival. 

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Rews - 7

Nothing But Thieves - 9

Circa Waves - 8

Royal Blood - 9

The XX - 10

Major Lazer - 9


Craig David - 7

Run the Jewels - 9

Liam Gallagher - 7

Alt-j - 9


Sundara Karma - 7

Matzka - 6

Haim - 8

Biffy Clyro - 10

Ed Sheeran - 5 (really enjoyed the first half hour)


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The Orb- 4. Erm, what was it? I wasn't that bored but didn't really get it.

Yuna - 7. We just happened to watch her cos we were looking for something to do. Fairly generic but enjoyed it, mainly cos of the 2cb tho.


Blossoms - 7. Good time but they lack a bit of something. Didn't really compare to seeing them in a small venue.

Hamilton Leithauser - 6. Didn't know any of his songs, wasn't anything special for me but decent.

Mark Lanegan - 7. Good but thought it'd be better.

Angel Olsen - 7. Again, good, but had higher expectations. Some songs dragged a bit.

The xx - 9. Wasn't sure how much I'd enjoy these, but they were brilliant.

Radiohead - 9.5. Absolutely incredible. Not an act I'd have ever forked out £85 or whatever for personally but so glad I got the chance to see them.


The Moonlandingz - 6. Sat down and couldn't see the stage where I was so wasn't properly into it but decent set.

Craig David - 6. Went here just to get a place for RTJ, was expecting not to be into it at all but it was pretty good.

Run The Jewels - 9.5. These boys get better every time. Wow.

Liam Gallagher - 3. Left after about 4 songs. Dull as fuck.

The Avalanches - 7. Only knew Frankie Sinatra but really accomplished live set and pretty cool.


King Gizzard and the Lizzard Wizzard - 6. They didn't do it for me as much as I thought they would, but decent. Bit samey.

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes - 9. So much better than he was when I saw him in November. Did really well managing to pull off playing to a load of Killers fans.

The Killers - 10. Best hour of my whole life and still can't believe it happened.

Biffy Clyro - 7. Wasn't planning on seeing these but went along with my mates to it and had a decent time.

Metronomy - 9. Was pretty drunk for this so don't remember a lot about it other than I really enjoyed it.


Pretty cool looking at other people's posts on this thread, almost as if some of us have been to different festivals!

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Showhawk Duo - 8. Was stuck outside the tent for these but they were pretty fun, didn't really know what to expect when they started but really enjoyed it.

Pumarosa - 7. Solid, had heard of them by name and knew they were meant to be good and they didn't disappoint. Will be looking into them in the future.

Circa Waves - 8. I wasn't really expecting a great deal out of these but they delivered a fun set and had the place bouncing.

Everything Everything - 8. Would probably be pushing a 9 but they suffered from the lead mic being turned down too low to begin with. Hugely fun set.


Hacienda Classical - 7. Enjoyed it, very much suited the Pyramid opener role they were given.

Glass Animals - 7. BBC Introducing set, had never been that keen on what I've heard from them but they were pretty good in a more toned down set.

Black Honey - 7. Left towards the end to catch the start of Nothing But Thieves but liked what I saw.

Nothing But Thieves - 8. Stupidly good vocals, arguably the best of the bands I saw this weekend.

Royal Blood - 9. Huge set, really impressed with the performance of the new album's songs.

The XX - 9. Hauntingly beautiful. Angels gave me goosebumps, Loud Places was amazing too.

Radiohead - 10. Perfection, would genuinely be surprised if I saw a better performance in the next 10 years.


Inheaven - 7. Another band I've heard of but didn't really know anything about of, will be looking into them in the future.

The Amazons - 7. Thought they might be a bit better but again I liked what I saw so don't really have too many complaints.

Jeremy Corbyn - N/A.

Run the Jewels - 8. Put on a great show.

Katy Perry - 8. Actually really good, could've been higher if she played fewer new songs and more oldies.

The National - 9. Really really good. Have it in them to headline in the future if only they were more popular. Mr. November was one of my songs of the festival.

Foo Fighters - 9. Fun, engaging set. Pretty much as you'd expect from the Foos.


Deaf Havana - 7. Nothing spectacular but it was nice to see them at the festival.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - 9. So so so good.

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes - 9. Surprise of the festival. Carter's a talented frontman.

The Killers - 9. An hour long set was the best thing for them, literally banger after banger after banger. Would be a 10 if it didn't feel wrong putting any band on the same score as Radiohead. The fact that they came close was outstanding.

Biffy Clyro - 7. Poor crowd, mediocre setlist for the most part (imo). Had more potential but did okay.

Ed Sheeran - 6. Just don't really get him. Performed well and the atmosphere was pretty nice but that doesn't really redeem you if your songs are boring. Played his more enjoyable songs early on too so nothing to look forwards to.

Average rating of 7.96 which I think is awesome. No outright bad performances the whole weekend.

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The Orb 6 was ok for a bit but got bored towards the end


Bo Ningen 8 brilliant set although not as lively as they can be. Friend picked up their drumstick they hurled in to the crowd

Craig charles 9 good laugh as always

Ride 10 took me right back to the 90s and their new stuff is brilliant.  On top form

Radiohead 8 not their biggest fan but remember they were good in 97. Glad they played loads off the bends and ok computer



Moonlandingz 9 silly funny and good apart from the on stage vomiting which had me retching

Jarvis cocker and steve mackey 10 played some great tunes in the stonebridge bar

Temples 10 flipping great, they have really matured as a band

The national 4 didnt really like them at all and the sound was poor

Warpaint 9 really pleasant surprise as i thought they would be too downbeat for a headline set.  But they were brilliant

Bagpiper 2 played by the fire near the glade cafe. Not good at 2am


The killers 5 knew most songs surprisingly but just find them a bit meh

Josefin Ohrn and the liberation 10 great setjust an hour too short

System 7 9 great set and superb sound in the glade

Disappointed about missing Hacienda classical, the bootleg beatles, the magic numbers, kate tempest, thurston moore and liam gallagher


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JFB - 10: Wow what a dj. Super talented fella who's skills took my breath away.


Hacienda Classical - 7: Utterly abysmal rendition of Blue Monday ruined it.

Paul Carrack - 7: A bit radio 2 for my tastes but what an outstanding musician.

Circa Waves - 5: Can't really remember them tbh.

The XX - 5: Loved on here but I found them a bit dull. 

Dizzee Rascal - 3: Biggest disappointment of the weekend.


RTJ - 7: Really enjoyed them. Never heard them before so a pleasant surprise.

Liam  - 7: Need to hear his new stuff a bit more but he's back in business.

Wiley - 0: Embarrassing. Gets a prime spot on a major stage and serves up the biggest pile of shite I have ever seen or heard. Make an effort ffs.

Goldie rave set - 8: Was on my way to see Joe Goddard and just popped into Arcadia. He started with Zero B - Lock up and there was no moving me after that.


Barry Gibb - 8: Absolute class. Voice stood up well and thats all what was needed when he had such classics at his disposal.

Chic - 10: By far the best I seen. Will go down as a classic Pyramid set. Left and drove home after Chic. If I never return to the farm, that was the perfect end for me.

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Just now, eastynh said:

Barry Gibb - 8: Absolute class. Voice stood up well and thats all what was needed when he had such classics at his disposal.

Yup.  His voice was still in pretty damn good shape.  Egg on the faces of everyone claiming beforehand that the #BazPipes have gone AWOL.

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Ho99o9 8/10 - we all went to this on our mates recommendation. Queued up outside the Earache Express for about 45 minutes. Was only really announced on twitter. Not the sort of thing I'd usually go for but had a brilliant time. The venue was ace and it felt like the only place to be in Glastonbury at that point.


The Pretenders 6.5/10 - Not that familiar with a lot of their stuff but they were a reasonable start to the festival. Mainly went for the chance to see Chrissie Hynde live - she oozes charisma on stage. 

Bo Ningen 6.5/10 - Had seen these support British Sea Power before and quite liked them so went to see them on the Park. Loud and fun but not much else to them really.  

First Aid Kit 7.5/10 - Better than the last time I saw them play a similar Pyramid slot. Just as good doing nice pleasant stuff as doing more visceral angrier material too. 

Kris Kristofferson 4/10 - It was great to see a man of his age play the Pyramid but it just bored me. Maybe if I knew the songs it would've been better. 

Royal Blood 8/10 - Never would have chosen to see them if I wasn't waiting for Radiohead but was really glad I did. They really do create so much noise for a two piece, the drummer is fantastic and being at the front meant being part of a bit of rough and tumble which was sort of needed given the music. Really enjoyed it though might have got a bit one dimensional if it was more than an hour.

The XX 8.5/10 - They absolutely nailed this set. Had seen them on their tour and it was great but they didn't do Coachella very well and thought with the daytime crowd on the Pyramid things wouldn't go so well. However you could tell how much this gig went to them, they've adapted their live show to suit this sort of setting now. One big album away from being headliners I'd say.

Radiohead 10/10 - Just incredible. The 17th time I've seen them and maybe the most special. The setlist was perfect for Glastonbury. Seeing the greatest band on the planet headline the best festival in the world is a rare, rare thing. Was one back from the barrier. Maybe the screens would have affected things if I was further back. 


British Sea Power 7.5/10 - First saw these guys on the Other Stage in 2005 (I think?) and have loved them since. This wasn't one of their best gigs, but enough great tunes in there to make it worth it. I do think No Lucifer is a perfect festival song and may have been better than the (very good) Lights Out for Darker Skies. 

Craig David 4/10 - Don't get the love for this set. I'm partial to an ironic cheesy Pyramid set but though his voice was good and you could tell it meant a lot to him, I just found it embarrassing. The TS5 bit in particular when he was singing loads of other peoples songs to fill the set...plus didn't he play one of his songs twice? Wanted to like it but just didn't.

The Avalanches 8/10 - Had heard mixed things about their live show but thought they pulled it off really well. A little bit in love with their singer Eliza Wolfgramm I have to admit, but they managed to represent a lot of the tracks really well with second album songs like Because I'm Me also being highlights. 

Foo Fighters 6.5/10 - Bit disappointed by this. Was looking forward to it but overlong outros and too much talking. They had a blistering start and played some big songs really early which sounded ace, but that left too much of a lull in the middle. They went 20 mins over curfew which is fine if it's due to all the great songs you're playing - but Dave filled this with talking about going over curfew and Taylor singing a shit Queen cover. Monkey Wrench is just a disappointment live, Dave can't do the best bit so it loses its speed and urgency. Everlong was one of the highlights of the weekend though. 


Laura Marling 6.5/10 - Decided we wanted to see Bazza and Chic so thought we'd hang around the Pyramid for this. Perfectly enjoyable to sit at the back of the Pyramid for but wasn't much more than that.

Barry Gibb 8/10 - He absolutely smashed it. Don't love the Bee Gees stuff quite enough to give much more than 8/10 for 75 minutes of it, but his voice was remarkable for his age and these legends slots are a lot about crowd interaction which he had on point. 

Chic 9/10 - So much fun. The second best thing all Glastonbury. There are few more fun things to do in life than dance to Chic in the sunshine at Glastonbury. We saw them at the Sydney Opera House a few years ago and they played even more great stuff - an hour is too short. Next time a Pyramid headliner pulls out can't we just ask Nile Rodgers? No one would leave that field unhappy. 

Moderat 7.5/10 - Saw these guys at Primavera last year and they were brilliant. This time round their show suffered a bit as they played in the light and the excellent visuals they had that night couldn't be replicated. But it was still a solid set. 

Justice 9/10 - One of my favourite Glastonbury final sets of recent years. With Moderat too it was great to end the festival with a bit of a rave. Electric set and going into the crowd at the end of the show was a nice touch. Sent us into Shangri La with great vibes and a buzz for one last hurrah. 

Overall might be my best festival out of 9 (04, 05, 07, 09, 11, 13, 15, 16, 17). The weather was perfect except for the first day's extreme heat. The line up was superb and just seemed to have not as many irritating people in terms of punters too. Don't know when my next one will be sadly - moving to Australia probably permanently early next year. Will have to come every few years at least. 



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Circa Waves 6/10

Everything Everything 7/10


Hacienda Classical 7/10 - a bit messy in parts but a great way to start the day

Charli xcx 8/10 - she was pretty terrible in the Sonic in 2014 but smashed it this time.  Songs from the new mixtape and great new stage setup really helped. 

Margo Price 9/10 - brilliant stuff

The Lemon Twigs 7/10

Halsey 7/10

The xx 9/10 - expected it to fall flat on the Pyramid but was truly magical from where I was.  I wasn't that close but still everyone seemed to know the songs and it clearly meant so much to the band.  Last 3 songs went off.

Lorde 9/10 - exceptional, surely the best pop star around.  Crowd really going for it by Green Light.

Radiohead 9/10 - missed the first 25 mins because of Lorde but the rest was really great.  Good mix of "hits" and album tracks.  Wish I could have got a bit closer.


The Bootleg Beatles 6/10 - not quite the party I was expecting, but nice enough

Joseph 7/10 - incredible vocals

British Sea Power 6/10 - think the stage swallowed them up a bit.  Not as good as when I've seen them before.

The Big Moon 9/10 - amazing, deserved a John Peel slot but very good crowd in Williams Green.

Run The Jewels 8/10 - not as good as West Holts in 15 but still so much passion and energy.  Went down much better on Pyramid than I had feared.

Katy Perry 6/10 - great fun but appalling sound problems, new stuff didn't fly, and the remixes of the older tracks sounded a bit cheap.  She was ace though, really went for it.

The National 8/10 - good but the 4 new songs in a row and finishing 5 mins early was a shame.

Father John Misty 9/10 - excellent.

Phoenix 9/10 - late start and small crowd aside, what a party!

Mykki Blanco 8/10 - decided to go to this as we were in the area, not knowing much of Mykki's stuff and it was absolute chaos in the best way possible. 


October Drift 7/10 - really solid especially for that time, will be keeping an eye on these

Sundara Karma 7/10 - not as good as Reading last year but great setlist

Jamie Cullum 9/10 - not expecting much from this but was genuinely fantastic.  Great energy, incredible band and he was so moved by the reaction.

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard 8/10 - don't know a great deal of their stuff so this was a bit of a "discovery" based on recommendations on here.  Really enjoyed it and will check them out further.

Shaggy 5/10 - he was technically terrible but it was good fun nevertheless

Goldfrapp 7/10 - ruined a bit by the late start, shortened setlist and having to leave before Strict Machine due to overrunning but solid performance anyway

Emeli Sande 8/10 - she and her band were great but zero atmosphere due to the embarrassingly tiny crowd.  Even those there didn't appear to know her stuff.

Justice 9/10 - banging way to end the weekend.  Huge queue in West Holts bar before sadly prevented us from getting into the thick of it.  Had we had a few more "up for it" types around us then this could have been a 10.






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Black Honey 4 - Thought I'd check them out, tend to like Garbage-esque sounding bands. Wasn't that captivated though, and she fancied herself a bit too much!

First Aid Kit 5 - Left early but sounded pretty good front right of the stage. Not massively my bag musically though and started to get bored.

Lemon Twigs 6 - I can't decide if I like their music or not (like should I enjoy them or should I just listen to a band from the actual 70s?) Fairly engaging, although when they swapped singers I thought the vocals got ropey. I wanna prove to you is a great song.

Angel Olsen  7 - Stage chat was terrible, wanted her to play unfucktheworld and really didn't enjoy Acrobat. Bit too much guitar fret w*nkery too, but she is an artist I really like. I wish I'd left earlier to get in for Future Islands to be honest.

Future Islands 8.5 - So annoying they were sandwiched between two acts I was desperate to see. Just snuck in the tent before the start, left before the end. Such an engaging front man and played some great tunes, but missed Seasons which I love so much as a tune. Will catch them another time.

Radiohead 9.5 - Play Reckoner and it's a 10. Brilliant set brilliant band, I feel like the people that didn't enjoy it wouldn't have enjoyed any set. 


Maggie Rogers 8 - Spice Girls cover aside (fun, but really?) it was a great set, the Neil Young rework was awesome! She looked genuinely thrilled by her reception and the occasion. 

Jools Holland 6 - Only watched a little bit but was everything you'd expect from Jools. Something to have a 'boogie' to.

Thundercat 7.5 - Loved some of his tracks, got bored (like Olsen) at the extended bass interludes. Sure some loved it.

Corbyn & RTJ 8 - Wish I'd got a bit closer, but enjoyed both! RTJ have so much energy, bet it was insane down the front. Credit to them for playing too.

Toots 0 - screw you guys, wish I'd caught all of LG. Bit I saw was decent, massive crowd.

Stormzy 8.5 - Great set, very compelling performer. Buzzing crowd too.

Foo Fighters 6 - I didn't think I'd enjoy it and I didn't that much, so probably my fault. Just think they're totally bland. Queen covers were pointless and just so uninteresting.


Real Estate 7 - I love the band's clean guitar sound and listened to their records quite a lot before I went. Pointless guitar dickery (see Olsen, Thundercat) which I guess again some enjoyed but when you don't play (at least if they did I've forgotten) Talking Backwards and Hard to Hear because you're spending 10 minutes at least just creating a wall of guitar noise it's semi unforgivable for me.

Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes 8 - Haven't listened to him since Gallows so didn't know the tracks (and wouldn't have gone if no Killers) but wow, that was ace. The girls crowd surfing, the piss in a bottle, the between songs chat - top stuff. Great front man great show.

The Killers 9.5 - A wonderfully crowd pleasing set on my favourite stage of the weekend. Got a good spot, sounded amazing. Shame one or two near me didn't seem to know a track past Mr Brightside.

Sampha 7 - I love him, and I loved that he played some of my faves like Without and Reverse Faults. Stage right in front of the speakers though it was like I was being physically assaulted by the bass.

Didn't watch a headliner, saw a bit of New York Brass Band doing freed from desire & take on me which was top fun and lots of circus. Justice sounded pretty banging round the corner.





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