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2019 festival

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3 minutes ago, Jericode said:

Oh, is it not at Leeds? There was one at Reading so I just assumed it was the same. App only shows me the Reading times.

The Pit schedules are different that day at each site - Reading has the gap opposite the Distillers, Leeds has one at the start of the day (first act doesn't start til 12.40, whereas at Reading they start at 12).

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37 minutes ago, Pr0paneNightm4re said:

Can’t believe it’s a couple of days a way and we don’t have even a hint as to who the secret set will be 

was just thinking this, IDLES and Sam Fender are complete guesses. no hints or anything. by this time last year Frank Carter had already told us and that BMTH poster had been revealed

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2 hours ago, BeddingatReading said:

Who does everyone recommend I should go and see on the Foos day (Reading Sun Leeds Fri)? I thought it was a really weak undercard but reading on here a lot of people seem to have it down as their best day. All I’ve really got at the moment is Vistas, The Snuts, The Amazons & Sundara Karma (although with both I think their second album is very poor) and Foos (and I don’t even know if I really want to be there for three hours)

Mantra, The Distillers, FIDLAR, The Mysterines.

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19 hours ago, thelemon said:

I don't know where you saw them but when we went to the Manchester gig on good Friday NC got a huge reaction. Granted we got there late so only really saw the last song a half from Vistas and we saw it from the back but it definitely didn't look like the crowd was as into it as they were for Night Café which I was near the front for. Besides, I think NC are a quite a bit more known than Vistas in general and they also have more material, but I was also surprised Vistas weren't a little higher

Both bands are good, personally I prefer NC

As for my top 3 for the weekend: Blossoms, Royal Blood and Anteros

Proximity to Liverpool while supporting Circa Waves presumably. Also not sure why Night Cafe are above Sea Girls either...

Foos, Blossoms and Peace for me. I see this as strength in depth, not many real stand outs

 if Chvrches and Sundara weren't clashing with foo fighters I'd be happier (and chvrches would be in that list) but I knew that when I got tickets. 

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16 minutes ago, Jericode said:

They've actually announced him properly, he's listed on the app.

What's weirder is they haven't added the two replacement bands Dan Carter announced yet.

I’m just glad they’ve resisted the temptation to put him in The Pit as a replacement for the rappers that pulled out, after all he has played in the Pit before(I think)

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