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2019 Headliners

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10 hours ago, Hawros said:

And we’ve heard that Stormy Z might have stepped up from someone else. 

have we? :blink:

It seems pretty clear from the instagram Stormzy did that he was booked as headliner at the end of the summer.

That's a first choice.

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8 hours ago, Jakeyboi135 said:

Plus Emily's "most people we wanted are holding out for 50th anniversary" or words to that effect....

Where/when was this said? I don't recall seeing this anywhere. 

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7 hours ago, chatty said:

The problem is probably that The Cure aren't that big a booking for the rock side, they play all over the shop all the time and are decades past being their most popular. Decent band but I wouldn't say they are any sort of big booking. 

Stormzy is a huge booking for hip hop, he might prove to be but in the current he's just breaking through. 

Gaga is past prime in terms of popularity, he mainstream appeal is a few years past best and she played then on the other stage about third down? She's basically in the fold due to a movie but it's not that much of an inspiring booking in 2019.

Macca was the big booking that held this up and gave the other bands that bit leeway on not being big headlining acts (in 2018). If he's gone and Gaga is in or many other acts tbf it does look pretty weak on paper. 

That said, that's just pyramid headliners, be plenty of good stuff on all over, you don't need to be at the pyramid a single night if you don't fancy it so alls good and if those headliners are up your street then it's great for you but I can see why it would be looked upon as a fairly lacklustre trio at the top. 

Also remember though that 3rd down Other for Gaga wasn't the peak of her popularity, she got massively bigger than that to stadium size but Glasto didn't happen for whatever reason. There was one year that it looked nailed on and then the boat passed. Mediocre albums then came.

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I'm still firmly in the camp in thinking Macca will be there.

Not trusting this sauce on twitter.

Emily said "we've got a couple of blokes headlining" what, a week or so ago? To me that suggests Stormzy & Macca and I can't see that having changed between then and now.

Did she mention anything which may have even slightly been in reference to The Cure? If not, I remain ever hopeful they won't be there.

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5 hours ago, MetaKate said:

Why is everyone thinking gaga now though? Is their any info to suggest this?

No we’ve no info that it’s going to be Gaga apart from maybe a slight hint on the BST forum that she might be a potential for there. For what it’s worth, I don’t think it’ll be her, but at the same time, we’ve no firm info about any act at the moment, for this third slot (if we believe the rumours that it’s no longer Macca - and again for what it’s worth, I actually do). 

I would guess, and it’s only a guess, that they are approaching other artists but nothing has been agreed 100% yet. Jennifer (lead singer of Saltwater Sun) implied on twitter that they had approached an unusual solo artist “all I can say is I was really surprised, and I don’t think you’ll guess” but we may never find out who she was talking about as this person may turn it down.

I think a lot of people on here would love it to be Gaga which is why maybe there’s a lot of talk about her, plus there aren’t many seemingly sensible options to go against her. Those who think it is a weak booking obviously haven’t seen her  Super Bowl half time show.

Some people mention a comment about Emily saying “a couple of blokes” but in all honesty, none of us were there so we don’t really know the context of this comment or even whether Macca’s contract negotiations could have fallen through by then. I’ve looked all over the Internet for the recording of this interview or any more details but I just can’t find more than a small clip of it. Anyone else?

It therefore seems wide open to me atm.


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10 hours ago, Gucci Piggy said:

Mate if their biggest headliner has pulled out there's not a lot they can do. They can't just pick up whoever they want when most people who are active will have commitments elsewhere. In fact, if he has pulled out I'd say they'd have done pretty well to get Gaga to replace him.

Yeah it'd be weak, but obviously Stormzy was booked when they thought they had Macca, so they probably thought they could afford to have a smaller headliner alongside him. If Macca then pulls out and they can't get anyone near his size to replace him then they're stuck in that situation.

They can't just conjure up a Springsteen or a Rolling Stones or a Fleetwood Mac outta nowhere.

Understand your point mate but there is 0 chance lady gaga is headlining Glastonbury in my opinion, even as a panic buy.

If macca has pulled out they know which type of act they need to replace and i would say it's the furthest thing away from gaga. 

Muse Adele Coldplay - 3 biggest acts in the word available for booking at time

Radiohead Foos Ed - one of the best and biggest live acts ever, one of the biggest bands in the world, biggest British pop artist out of current crop 

Stormzy Lady Gaga The Cure - a rapper that's done one album (which wasn't brilliant, but not in any way bad, and seems a lovely bloke) / done a film to come back into relevance / big band (not an amazing booking but I will take it.)

no chance, not even as a panic. There isn't enough teeth in that 3, not with gaga. Everyone knows that.

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Would be a right gutter if Macca is out as they're's no one left in the possibilities I'd be keen on. As much as I completely understand and largely agree with the 'there's plenty on elsewhere' approach, there is something special about seeing a Pyramid headliner. I've only managed two in my three previous years (Flo and Radiohead) and they were both special. As much as I enjoyed all of the headliners in 2016 (one night at WH and two at the Other) I did feel a bit strange not closing one night at the Pyramid. 

Fingers crossed Macca is still there.

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