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Ive purchased a boomtown 2017 ticket and i was suppose to be going with my pals, but they have bailed already:(. This would only be my second festival and im not sure if i should go alone. 

Im alittle shy when it comes to randomly talking to people tho im alittle loon once i get started :). im also getting old at 33 and read its full of young people. I dont wanna look like a weirdo lol, will let them find out that once they spoken 2 me lol. 

I was wondering if boomtown has a campsite , or if theres a forum closer to the day i can go on that has people in the same boat. Or is this festival the wrong type to be going alone.

Any advice or tips would be appreciated 

Kind regards

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I have been there on my own in 2014 and '15 and am a lot older than you. 2014 i ended up close to a lot of teens and definitely felt my age a bit. 

There was talk of a efests camp in 2015 and a flag was kindly put up by one of the guys here who was working on site, but it was a bit of a way from the main camps and apart from me i don't think anyone found it, however the 20 somethings who were there were friendly and accommodating 

As a rule of thumb, Downtown is more popular with the younger crowd and Uptown is a bit more mixed ages

I took a break from it last year, but am tempted again this year (depending on how i get on in the Glasto resales) and will once again be going solo.

Because of the type of festival it is there is so much to see and  i don't think that being on your own will spoil your enjoyment at all.

There will be much talk about the festival nearer the time on these boards and i'm sure that there will be a few more singles in the same situation as you.







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 Thanks for the reply.

I really do wanna go but worry about feeling weird if theres not enough to distract me. Im happy enough on my own but this is totally different situation. I also don't no alot of the bands but im goin to try listen to at least 90 perecent if i go.

I hope i have the guts to go :)

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Nearer the time there will be a lot more chatter about the festival and there will definitely be others going on their own on here.

There is so much to do and explore at Boomtown so you will never be bored even if you are on your own.

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Just PM'ed you, 

It's Amazing DO IT.. I will be on me lonesome for the best part...

I always google the bands before I go and you'll find some little gems..  

There are loads not to miss but Showhawk Duo are really entertaining 

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