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Joe fielding

Guest/VIP Leeds fest age and name

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Hi I'm going to Leeds fest and I've bought a vip ticket but it's in my dads name. I plan to take a copy of his id and show it them then show mine that will show we share the same surname. On top of this despite my exuberant maturity that stretches into the inner realsms of manhood I'm only 15. You have to be with an 18 year old if under 16 to get in so I will or any just ask someone to pretend to be with me who looks 18. I'll probably show the guys at the deskmy id with no age on and just say I'm 16 and if they ask for something with age on I'll show my passport photocopy. How strict will they be? I look well over 16 so if they show them my thing without my age will that be sound or will they need ID with age on it. Should I find an 18+ to go in with to be on the safe side ?? And will they be picky about my dad buying it, my sister has the same problem but she's 17 so the age don't matter. 

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