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3 minutes ago, DR OK said:

I'm wondering if they are planning to pack it in after this album and want to do stadium this summer, r&l next summer and then go away again / pack it in with a finish at Glastonbury 

Why do you think Arctic Monkeys are going to end the band, just out of interest?

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12 minutes ago, DR OK said:

Just a guess that they've all got kids and by the end of the tour they'll be right enough and old enough that a few might be tempted to pack it in. Can't see Alex turner stopping every but if a couple of them want to then there's not much they can do. By the end of the touring cycle they'll be 35 so realistically 36/7 by the next album and they might not want to do it

If the new album is a total fail (coming from a hard core monkeys fan point of view) then yeah they will probably call it a day, and maybe do a big ruinion in the future... but if the album goes well then Alex will probably shave that beard and they will carry on till the next album, foos are in there 50s? Or 40s? And still rocking! Same with the rolling stones! so if they just keep getting bigger and bigger then dont see why they would stop, but then again Turner could go solo (again) xx

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The announcement will come when it comes. They aren’t going to drop it completely out of the blue without prior warning. It feels like the past couple of weeks has just been the exact same conversation over and over again every single day. 

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20 minutes ago, Nick Aldous said:

Paramore on the radio 1 breakfast show tomorrow - just announced.


possibly discussing RandL headline? Announcements are usually midweek aren’t they? 

I highly doubt it seeing as Radio 1 (daytime at least) is much more fussed on building up their Big Weekend; the whole 'Janslam' month would have been the time to do an announcement. Also isn't it more Annie Macs job to announce this sort of thing?

Either way Paramore would most likely be a co-headliner and surely you wouldn't be having that as a first announcement?!

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1 minute ago, Samjones said:

Probably but white lies said they were announcing the festival tonight so?

They also originally thought they would be announcing it on Friday. Seems like it's either been pushed back twice for whatever reason or White Lies were misinformed about when the actual announcement would be and prematurely tweeted.

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1 minute ago, Lilia2.72 said:

Anyone know if Peace are likely to play at all? Thanks!

I'd say pretty likely :) New music, been a couple years since they played and they're a great live band! Either 5th/6th main stage or 2nd/3rd NME i'd say.

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