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Lineup 2018

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4 hours ago, iEJB said:

I'm pretty sure Kendrick and Foo's will headline? I believe Kendrick is preforming in Paris Friday 24th, therefore it's looking like Foo's will play Sunday at Reading and Kendrick Saturday and Sunday at Leeds? Can't see AM being there as I would assume they would want to close on the Sunday at Leeds, like they've always done? But who knows? That's all I've seem to have picked up from this thread?

They headlined the Friday at Leeds in 2009

2 hours ago, somethingpersonal said:

Has anyone posted this in here yet? What’s everyone’s opinion (not mine, it’s circling twitter) 



Lily Allen playing, Royal Blood and Stormzy on the NME. Nope.

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6 minutes ago, Zac Quinn said:

This had already been said but just to pour cold water on those shouts for The 1975 doing a secret set or whatever https://twitter.com/jamieoborne/status/959483650625728513

Well yeah but if they were doing a secret set they're not gonna announce that they're doing festivals just for that.

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8 minutes ago, BeddingatReading said:

Not sure if anyone has mentioned them yet but would N.E.R.D fit in anywhere, theyd probably have to sub if booked but I guess they would be a similar booking to Major Lazer who went down fairly well I think, they’re in Paris that weekend. 

I think they could be a strong NME headliner tbh, but I defo wouldn't say subbing (and I doubt that they'd play anyway). At Parklife they are playing the same slot as Lorde so

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2 minutes ago, JD27 said:

Seems like a lot of people are fixated on the FF/Kendrick/Royal Blood, Imagine Dragons, Paramore as headliners.

I’m still hoping for QOTSA / Pixies but not really sure where they would fit in, I can’t imagine Queens would sub now?

That means Queens would be headlining two festival republic gigs within an hour of London in the same summer.

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20 minutes ago, TheWaters said:

Really loving the new Django Django album, really hopeful they'll turn up. Have them as 3rd down NME but could probably headline FR again too. Is this likely or will they probably not do it?

Headlined FR in 2015 so probably won't end up there again, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them on the lineup. Mid/high NME sounds about right for them.

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