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For me that is now a no brainer. Take the kids, they will love it, and trust me you will enjoy it even more, even though you may miss a few bands you would have seen on your own (Vitallic and Soulwax

Tune in from 7:40 announcement at 9 you brummie left wing spaz .ha ha 

No chance they’re announcing a nonce.  Let alone an absolutely irrelevant nonce.

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I would have thought Pet shop boys, Doves and Suede but seems to have been ruled out on here.... mmmh


I would love Portishead and Sigur Ros but given nether are active don't think this wish will come true... 9am tomorrow it is!!

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Just now, LowFatIeuanaise said:

Sorry to piss on your chips a bit but Foals are doing Kendal which rules them out. Goldfrapp didn't headline when the last played so can't see that either


It was a suggestion based on who is touring, so no chips pissed on lol

I want folk who aren't active so we'll see tomorrow (would love FNM too but its not type of festival they would do imo)

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22 minutes ago, shoptildrop said:

what about Foals or Goldfrapp?? as both touring this year

Loved to see goldfrapp there again, but it's only 3 years since they last played so I doubt it unfortunately

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6 hours ago, danceonfire said:

Periodic table numbers 42,45&46 are




dunno if this means anything. 

Mo could be Mogwai I suppose.


Mo could be mogwai Morrissey or moby

Rh I'm struggling with as Radiohead and rhcp way too big so could be Richard Hawley or a reference to Thom Yorke

PD no idea. Only band I can think of is pigeon detectives and they shouldn't be playing never mind headlining festivals 


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