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6 hours ago, saintupnorth said:

Only rumour I've heard is Daft Punk, although not from a very reliable source.
Although it has been confirmed that the Playpass cashless wristbands have been dropped this year!

Haha imagine if their comeback was at Bluedot when it could be Glasto ūü§£

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For me that is now a no brainer. Take the kids, they will love it, and trust me you will enjoy it even more, even though you may miss a few bands you would have seen on your own (Vitallic and Soulwax

Tune in from 7:40 announcement at 9 you brummie left wing spaz .ha ha 

No chance they’re announcing a nonce.  Let alone an absolutely irrelevant nonce.

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3 minutes ago, xxialac said:

Daft Punk are definitely playing, supported by Joni Mitchell and The Smiths.

if it's The Smiths, do we throw bottles at Morrissey or enjoy it? :unsure: :P 

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52 minutes ago, LowFatIeuanaise said:

Beating a dead horse a bit really but does anyone know WHEN this week Bluedot will announce. Crazy frustrating for planning that Reading and Leeds is announced and still nothing from this one

tomorrow night isn't it?

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21 hours ago, DDave said:

National yes, Strokes unlikely

Daft Punk? No chance.

@Dave85radiohead Strokes far too big and expensive surely.  The National are really playing far too many gigs.  But would still be surprised. Daft Punk unlikely to embark on a live comeback at Blue Dot!  Is it not more likely that it's an act like Stereolab?  This weekend really works for me in terms of meeting up with pals, but am fearing something underwhelming.

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I don't think the strokes would be too big or expensive myself and the national seem about the right size and demographic but other than the doves I have no idea really who will be there. Just throwing names out there. Still hoping for Thom Yorke myself despite the Manchester gigs. 

On the thingy bluedot send out for wishlist of bands you would like to play Bjork , Arcade Fire and Nick Cave were all on there so I think this is the calibre of acts bluedot are aiming for. Whether they can attract them?

I agree with daft punk. I didn't suggest them to be fair. I would be disappointed with Stereolab. I think that they're the perfect size for the late night Jon Hopkins slot 

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4 hours ago, Dave85radiohead said:

Beck is playing Manchester in September now. Does this make him less likely?

No idea when the announcement is. I would have thought they'd do give a day and time before announcing it but could be tomorrow I guess 

Playing the shitty Victoria Warehouse 9th July. Rules him out.

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Pet Shops Boys still the most likely for me. Would've been confident with Beck until those Warehouse shows. Obviously now it's the night before I'm worried I've overestimated everything but time will tell.

Personally, I'm expecting at least one UK exclusive as that would justify the long wait

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Two acts that have been mentioned are headlining. One not been mentioned, from a quick flick through recent posts. Its not a particularly strong year. I'll tease more than efest :lol:

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