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Blue Dot Festival


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1 hour ago, SoundsFromJack said:

Deer Shed have announced their second wave, usually contains some names that will appear on both Deer Shed and Bluedot. 

Hopefully, Stereolab, Ghostpoet, Dream Wife, Twilight Sad, Boy Azooga, Snapped Ankles Jesca Hoop and some others make their way to the Bank. 


Baxter Dury the highlight of that poster for me but twilight sad , dream wife and Stereolab would be great.There's lots of good stuff there. I imagine Tim Burgess will play. Blue dot have liked and reposted a few of his tweets which had me worried the Charlatans might have been making an appearance

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18 minutes ago, SoundsFromJack said:

I'd hope not, but I wouldn't rule it out. 

From a personal perspective, they were wondrous and I wouldn't be mad, but I'd much prefer somebody new. 

They're playing both Liverpool and Leeds so I reckon that's a pretty good indicator they're not doing a Manchester festival show 

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40 minutes ago, xxialac said:

They haven't played since the 1980s so it's a hell of a long shot.

Spiritualized could also kinda fit at least, they've still got a space theme. But they're not really a party act; seems they usually go for acts that make people dance, not acts that make you cry about that girl who broke your heart lmao

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Nope. I think the doves because of their tweet but that's it. It's been really quiet. I'm hoping they're going to pull something special out the bag but I'm a bit nervous that we haven't heard anything as we have already bought our tickets 

My guess for what it's worth is Thom Yorke, The Doves and Pet Shop Boys but it could be almost anyone at this stage.

Hoping for a stronger undercard this year as last year's wasn't great. Would be nice to see British Sea Power and Public Service Broadcasting back

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