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NFR NFC 2016 - The Friendly Thread for Lovely People

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12 hours ago, eFestivals said:

isn't it time to start a new thread, and let this one die away...?

(I prefer it that way - big threads like this one end up having an effect on server performance).

was nice to meet you old son even tho it was very short lol ....i agree kill this one ..it didnt do its job anyway lol

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On 11/07/2016 at 9:16 AM, stuartbert two hats said:

That's interesting. Was the headliner thread last year causing you issues?  I don't remember that page loading noticeably more slowly - how did the problems manifest themselves?

Firstly, I'll say it's probably less of an issue with v4 of the forums than it was in the past, as they restructured many of the database tables. Changes to the database server software over the years might have improved things too.

But big tables have big indexes, and those indexes need to be written to disk now and then - and when that happens, it stalls database server activity. The only times this was ever really noticeable at the user end of things was at the busiest times (ticket day, particularly).

When a topic stops being posted in, (at an admin-defined point) that topic gets moved to an archive table, which keeps the table of active topics comparatively small, meaning that background stuff such as re-writing indexes happens much quicker (tho may not have to happen at all at the busiest times, as running out of memory to cache the tables is less likely too).

A single thread like this is by itself unlikely to cause issues, but the combined effect of many big threads like this is noticeable.

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