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drop off point on Wednesday


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Anyone there? Pretty horrendous queue. No proper queuing system loads of people jumping in. No communication of what was actually going on.


Got there at 8 am, stood in the sun til 1pm.Suncream was in bottom of the unreachable. No food or water, shuffling along inches in the packed crowd. Not the best start to the festival, hopefully it gets noted and improved for next year.


Great year aside from it.

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Yep. Got there half 7 with the view to getting a prime camping spot. Didn't get through and set up camp until gone 3. We started drinking in the queue to ease the pain but it was struggle inching forward with all our heavy stuff.

The guys loading the buses seemed to be very efficient but there were just too many people.

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we went to gate A and got turned away, so had to go back to the drop off point

Wow that sounds harsh. The drop off was much busier than last year and aside from the guys who lug the baggage on the coaches, it was badly staffed. I arrived at about 4:30am and this was the scene:


Last year there were maybe three or four people at 4:50am. I waited about 10 minutes for a bus this year, and before I got on the shuttle bus I turned around and took a photo of the crowd as it stood then:


So it was already building up.

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