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1 hour ago, Dukeicon said:

A comms tower of some form? Maybe for 5G?


Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 17.03.25.png

I'm assuming that it's somewhere up near the farm if I've got my perspective right.  Could possibly be the comms tower for the police etc.  I'm sure I've read that 5G doesn't use large masts.

Either that or Worthy FM is greatly increasing its broadcast area.

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2 minutes ago, bennyhana22 said:

What have I become?

Now logging onto the webcam pano shot on a regular basis to see each fence panel be added, as it snakes gloriously towards PGA.

The effect this place has on me is, frankly, ridiculous!


It does it to all of us don’t worry. I keep going on and scrolling around the map to follow the walk I do from camp to the Pyramid. Not sure what I’m even looking for. Think it’s more of a “I’ll be walking that in 4 weeks” thing.

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1 hour ago, ian the worm said:

Here’s a new game, on my iPhone maps, guess the year from the grass patterns. C4B330D0-F6A4-4821-9655-DFD51DE053FA.thumb.jpeg.617c621ab4fc32b832aed695b5a5afba.jpeg


1 hour ago, DareToDibble said:

Hmmmmm. 2017?

The remaining grass looks a bit too green to me for 2017. The annihilation of all pathways/crowd areas, and the position of JP, says 2016 to me. 

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2 minutes ago, kalifire said:

Great timelapsing! They’ve actually had a pretty good run of weather for the set up so far, haven’t they? The occasional rainy day but on the whole, pretty sweet. 

Yeah, I chopped out the night times too as it was hard to concentrate on an area when it kept going dark for a few seconds!

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