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Bittersweet to have a dedicated efests board, but lose the official ones.

Welcome to newcomers and other patrons of Britain's best music festival! :bye:

I posted sometimes on the official boards under the name Jimmy Jazz (got my efests name from the racist Clint Eastwood film on telly at the time, got the Latitude name from the awesome Clash tune on my stereo at the time

And thank you, Neil!

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I always wondered why Latitude didn't have its own section but I'm glad it does now. Has always interested me and I may volunteer next year.

This is great as all of the festivals that I go to are now on the one site, Leeds, Latitude and Glasto. I never joined the latitude board as it seemed a bit dead and "kitchen appliances"

The R&L section here is interesting to say the least

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Ooo, nice! Hopefully off-topicish stuff is allowed as well like the old forums.

If you have a look at the Glasto boards, you'll realise pretty quickly that off topic is fine! In fact, sometimes it's hard to actually ascertain what a thread is about by page 32

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Mercury is a username I opted for way back in 2003 when I first signed up for these boards and was obsessed with middle of the road plodders and one hit wonders Longview. It was the name of their album y'see. Obviously my taste has improved since then however I can't be arsed changing my username here.

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