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Taylor Swift

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Wasn't gonna bother with Reputation after it got slated so much but after winning free tickets for Saturday I've given it a go, and it's got enough good songs tbf. It's no 1989 but it'll do. Shame about Ed Sheeran showing up though innit. 

The only other time I've been to Wembley, Willy Caballero was the unexpected hero. Camila Cabello is a pretty similar name and I dunno who she is so maybe there's potential for another unexpected hero this time.

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After fair enjoying Charli XCX and Pezza at last year's G I've been to see a few pop gigs this year (Jorja Smith, Sigrid etc).

C-Cab was the best by a country mile. The squares on here don't fuck with her, from which I can only surmise that they're not only square but racist too.

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