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Now that was fun!

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Howdy fellow Alchemists.

I've not been on these boards for a while and nor do I do that many festivals a year.

But was great to be at Alchemy Festival again and meet old friends & new ones alike.

I think that was my 4th year on the trot (or possibly 5th I can't remember) and WOW what a great one it was again too.

ALCHEMY is such a great little festival with a great vibe I wish I could bottle that atmosphere. I love the old school, and sort of; can't find the right word; disorganised or 'whatever' kind of vibe that's how laid back it is.

Full on dance tent plus 2 other smaller tents for the ravers and lots of full bands on 4 smaller stages covering a good blend of folk, reggae, ska, Dub, punk etc and in a very laid back atmosphere there's always something good to see and often something new too if you do actually catch some of the music. I spent an entire evening in the woods being plied with cocktails which was fun too. And the cycle powered stage in a hidden glade end of the woods is always great fun too.

And yes 2014 was superb and probably my best one yet. Although the late nights are taking their toil on me! LOL

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