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2014 Webcam Watch


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Blimp - now that's a great idea - instead of Goodyear we could have "Goodgear" or something ;)

In the 80's the Council used to hire a plane to try and see if GFL had slipped in more people than the licence allowed.
Someone must have been tipping off Radio Avalon as they would know when they were up spying.
You could just imagine them taking some shots and then getting back to their office trying to count how many tents there was - what a bloody waste of time.
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Well, I was planning on launching an all-singing, all dancing LIVE webcam viewer, but that's not exactly an option at the moment.

Anyway, here is the interactive, super-duper Glastonbury webcam viewer.


With it, you can:

  • Move forward and backwards, either as a time lapse or frame by frame.
  • Switch between the three views.
  • Use the datetime picker to go to a specific time. Note that there may be the odd section missing. My computer rebooted over the weekend and obviously the webcam is down at the moment.
  • Link to specific frames. This means you can share a link of something in particular happening, like the moment the Park tower went up, or the moment the bonfire was lit a few days ago:



Stuff left to do:

  • Include WickedFaerie's webcam (available here for now https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5rSB_NR4lPwd3Azb3VfUzM0MWc&usp=sharing)
  • Make live - it's currently operating from the images I uploaded last night. Not that it matters at the moment, since the images aren't actually being updated.
  • Make the direct links to the images more obvious how to find, at the moment you have to right click the image to get the image URL, then add the ".jpg" extension on the end if you want to embed here!
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I'm meant to be writing reports to work. I'm actually clicking and refreshing like it's ticket day all over again. It's really starting to feel soon!

Everything's happening in a different order this year - usually the Pyramid gets dressed then the mic supports go up closer to the time...

I'd love this to mean they're testing out new equipment for a better (wind resistant) Pyramid sound set up!

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