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Guilty Party with Bon Iver? Wow. Had a skip through and sounds amazing. Can't wait to watch the whole thing. 

Also personally, I love that they have the confidence in the new songs to play so many! They've bought out a beautiful record, I wanna hear it live!

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1 hour ago, GETOFFAMYLAWN said:

If Bon Iver even contemplates showing up at the Apollo on Friday to make cat sounds all the way through Slow Show, I'll punch him right in his International Male Solo Artist's face.

I thought that haha. I'm a big Bon Iver fan and he's great doing backing vocals but less of the random samples please.

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58 minutes ago, russycarps said:

Christ please tell me there's no chance of these c**ts dueting with the band in London? 

I've not shelled out a fortune to watch some randoms ruin everything.

Both Justin Vernon and Lisa Hannigan play/sing quite a bit on Sleep Well Beast so they're not exactly randoms.

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watched them last night at Vicar St, cracking venue.

Lisa Hannigan joined him on numerous songs but you couldn't really here her.

Matt was acting a bit weird, disappeared a couple of times, had to restart a few tracks and then legged it at the end which had Aaron pulling a bemused face.

great gig and the crowd loved the new stuff but so much good stuff missing from that setlist, possibly my top 5 of there's where missing. 


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