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Glade Update

Guest Paul ™

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Firstly, our heartfelt apologies to all you Glader's for the delay in advising you on our plans for this years Glade festival; we hope that you can appreciate that it was imperative that we provide you with the most up to date position rather than put out something hastily!

10 years ago, before boutique was even a word in the festival lexicon, a small group of friends decided to gather all the party tribes under one guise and throw the UKs first truly collaborative electronic festival. But as you know the festival is not centered soley on a gathering of specialists in their genre of music, Glade became

a journey where the emphasis on creativity was welcomed to fuse together all the elements to give an experience second to none in the UK.

Glade continues to challenge the staus quo of the now over saturated festival scene and we are very keen to ensure that it always brings something just that little bit different - it is with this in mind that the powers that be at Glade have decided that we will not be releasing dates for the annual 4-day festival this summer. There will be much needed time spent regrouping and reassessing in preparation to bring you the Glade festival of all festivals in the summer of 2014.

Though this news is somewhat tinged with the sadness of not putting on a full event this year; we feel that any other decision would not have done us or indeed yourselves, our loyal Gladers, justice.

However... we feel it would be a crime to let the summer months pass without celebrating the passing of another winter, not to mention letting you revel in all the smoking hot new music we have accumulated so in true Glade style

there is a stupendous 24 hour event in the pipeline for you guys this summer!

Alongside this we are also teaming up with Project Sound to bring you a Glade LONDON stage every week at the world reknowned Ministry of Sound. This will be an opporunity to showcase a different stage from the festival each week and be a chance to be part of something exciting and new it will bring you an amazing cross-section of the best up and coming electronic music fused with that which you know.

We are all very excited for the next 12 months - we hope you will be too!


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After quite a mixed response to our last release we feel that a more outlined explanation of our intentions may be required to clear the air about some of the plans we are putting together.

Firstly, Glade is not "moving" to the Ministry of Sound, we have simply been asked to host one of the rooms (room 103).

This is part of a new venture by a collective known as Project Sound. The idea is to collaborate a variety of artists, DJ's, sound-systems and producers under one umbrella for a multi-faceted musical experience on Sundays for those among us who may not have had quite enough fun during their weekend so far.

This is interesting to the Glade crew as it retains certain aspects of our original ethos which was to bring diversity of music styles to our parties without compromising styles or standards.

With this in mind, the plan is to showcase a variety of your favourite DJ's and performers that have stuck with us since the early days, (suggestions on a post-card please.)

Before this plan was initiated, the Glade was on the verge of disappearing altogether which, as I'm sure you will agree, would be a sad day for all of us.

As outlined in our last release, we are aiming to hold a 24hr party later in the summer and we are also looking into the possibility of holding an urban-style festival in East London later in the year.

We understand the concerns of some of our loyal Gladers but we need to point out that this is not a "selling-out" exercise but merely a catalyst to see us through a slightly dark transition period that will enable the continuation of more future four-day belter festivals for years to come which, I'm sure, is music to your ears as it surely is to ours.


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