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So I have got back into Vinyl in  a big way during lockdown. Used to collect a lot but Kids,house blah blah all got in the way

So Saturday is my first record store day. I see people have done these before so some advice.


I have phoned the store to make sure they have the ones I want (9 records in all). some they only have one copy of

I assume I just queue up stupid o'clock in the morning (Not sure how busy they are). Then when you go in are the records normally in one place or are they all stuck under the artists name in the various racks. Is it a massive bun fight as well, where I will have to handbag people out the way

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This seems like a reasonable place to ask - as anyone shipped their record collection internationally before? If so, can you recommend a service provider? I've got 500-600 records sitting in my parents house in the UK that I need to ship out to Australia. I didn't ship it out initially due to the uncertainty in the move, but it's time to think about getting it out here now. As 90 per cent of my records are second-hand that I picked up before the revival movement, I was considering selling it and rebuying it out here, but the price of records here is worse than back home. 

Initial research has suggested that there isn't a specialist service, so it would likely have to be with a general shipping company. I had a truly awful experience with PSS with the essentials that we shipped over when we moved, so I'm keen to not get roundly f@cked like that again with my collection. 

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Today is a good day. Villagers are playing in my local record shop and I get to pick up a signed copy of their new record. I have my fingers crossed that I will be on the other side of the counter as I am helping out re-arranging the shop. Fanboy alert.


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