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Last night i watched Jools Holland........... and


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I refuse to watch tonight's show. I'll wait for next year.. Life isn't to great at mo and the last thing I need is jolly jools yakking on about the 45287625354214 artists he's played that bloody piano with. 

Have a great weekend old sons 

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16 minutes ago, st dan said:

Josh just absolutely nailed Villains of Circumstance with a backing orchestra. Stunning stuff. 

Yeah, loved that.

Here's LCD Soundsystem doing Call The Police from Saturday's show:


Next week includes, Robert Plant, St. Vincent, and Beck!

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1 hour ago, Purple aki squat said:

Excellent tonight, best in a long time. No duff acts at all.

Getting some nice drink in for Friday to help it on.

Josh homme sounded superb, national as well plus more morrissey.

all good

The longer show is on Saturdays now.

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On 05/10/2017 at 9:23 PM, FloorFiller said:

Robert Plant, St Vincent, Nick Mulvey, Kelela, John Moreland and Beck for you! Not bad at all.

Yeah and after my moaning and checking every moment it looks like I can't go due to work!! And I can't get out of it either.  Stupid adult life

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5 minutes ago, edwardjc14 said:

Great version of Villains of Circumstance, do we think that we'll not get a full band performance of QOTSA on this series? I also didn't mind that Morrissey track either, pretty catchy :ph34r:

Was wondering why QOTSA were billed so low on this episode but obviously the minimalist performance was why. Really do love that song though - my favourite from the new album. Imagine the two of them + the strings will be it for them this series which is a shame, but cool of them to deliver a different style of performance. Josh sounded great.

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