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The city of Lausanne, Switzerland is the home of a modern public toilet with transparent walls.

The walls are partly made from liquid crystal glass. If the visitors want some privacy, they can press the “voir” button and the walls will become opaque under electric tension.

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See No Evil

(that's the Bristol graffiti festival which started last year and has grown HUGE already .... it's worth missing a camping summer festie for :))

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Flo and Eddie began in The Turtles but later went on to join Frank Zappa in the Mothers of Invention - very different stuff to this performance.

And, yes, you're right Flo and thr Machine made a right pig's ear of a great song. Off to watch a bit of Formula One now. The Chain will always be linked with motor racing in my mind.

P.S. You'll have to play by yourself Rex for the next couple of weeks as I'm off to the Candian Rockies.

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