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Guest Omri-G

First time, some camping questions =]

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Hi friends, it's going to be my first time ever at any festival.

i was trying to find it on creamfields website but i'm pretty sure there's no info for that:

what are the prices (approximatly) at the event's camping store??

we r 4 friends so we will probably need a tent for 4 people and maybe 4 sleeping bags/

does somebody has any idea about the price ???

or it's not worth and we should bring with us on the flight the equipment?

anuther question - we r coming from london and after Creamfields we r going to Amsterdam, so we will have large sutecases with a lot of things we will not need with us at Creamfields,

i've tried to see if cream has a storage service i think they don't (iv'e searched their website for a long time).

does anyone has a good idea for me what should i do with our suitecases ??

iv'e thought about railstation, if you know something about their storage pls tell me some info about them/

tnx very much !! :bye:

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Most major London train stations have a lost/left luggage place. Definitely seen one at Euston and Kings X. I think they usually cost per day (probably about a tenner), but they will definitely be for larger bags like suitcases.

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i want to leave my bags near the festival because im not going back to london, im flying from manchester to amsterdam

so i wanted to know if there is an storage place near cheshire/manchester airport

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