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Forum camp at No Direction Home

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For a few years now a group of us, many of whom started by going alone to a festival, have been camping together at EOTR........we have a facebook group:


Obviously anyone is welcome to join us at EOTR but the purpose here is to state that several of us will be going to NDH and anyone, especially those maybe venturing on their own, are welcome to join us. It just really gives you a base, a few people to chat to if and when you want and just a smidgen more security.

Obviously we don't know what the campsite is going to be like at NDH, so picking a camping point is going to be tricky. Generally at EOTR we've ended up somewhere near Tangerine Fields - so I suggest we use that as a starting point.

We do have a flag - it is yellow and has what looks like a suspiciously like a smiling sperm on it! (it's a road)

I am also willing to exchange mobile numbers with anyone nervous about the whole matter.

maybe see you there,


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I should be there, depends on the general site layout and the proximity to late night bass and drums which I can do without. Hopefully British Rail (or whatever they're called) can get me there in time. Had no choice but to cut it a little fine.

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I'm going to NDH! I met some of you accidentally at EOTR in oooh 2007 probably.I made everyone go and see Darren Hayman with me and then everyone stole cereal bars from the free giveaway for me because I'd run out of money. Good times. We will say hello if we see you. The FB group is closed btw...

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