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Guest New Broadcast Group

New Broadcast Group

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Hey peeps!

Just wanted to say a big HELLO! and a big shout out to the lovely people at Endorse-it and at Strummerville for letting us play to all you lovely folks!

We'll be playing at the Strummerville Campfire at 11pm on the Friday so come check us out and all the other amazing acts that are on! Beans on Toast! WIN!

We can't wait to hang out with you lot at this fest, gonna be a cracking time!

Check us out on the Strummerville page - http://www.strummerville.com/new-broadcast-group/

or on our Facebook page - http://www.facebook.com/newbroadcastgroup

And come give us a shout and say hey! :) We're all very lovely and in no way as moody as we look on our profile pic!

Much love and seee you soon!

xx NBG

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