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Ben & Jerry's Sundae Festival

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I've been really looking forward to this and am supposed to be going tomorrow, so excited about seeing Ocean Colour Scene!

BUT I'm a little bit worried as I bought my ticket from my friend who can no longer go and the tickets say they are non-transferable.....we have just phoned the enquiries line and they told us you will have to have proof of ID that matches the name on the ticket or you must be with the person that bought them - otherwise they will refuse entry! This seems a bit ridiculous ...surely they will not be able to enforce this on 25,000 people? Any one go last year with this kind of situation?

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No, after going for 4 years I have never once been ID.

You are right, enforcing this on thousands of people is just to much and the security and ticket people just want to get you in. They scan the ticket and in you go.

HOWEVER, you never know what year they might begin to enforce it! (but I doubt they will as my friends are going in on other peoples tickets) & The name is so tiny in the corner they wouldn't check

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