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Ok! Wheres the reports about the festival, its a week ad a half since.

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I want to see some reviews for this, wheres the "f**k! what an amazing weekend" or "The place was teeming with DS" or "Fantastic Weekend, Roll on Next year". Considering going to this next year along with Life festival, both being about the oul psi-trance and what not.

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Your right, not much feedback on it, not just here but other boards aswell. Ofcourse, it gets a mention on ravetalk when there is a break in the blanket of Bangface!

I also didn't go, but would like to return. TBH I'm amazed they pulled it off, considering the sudden change of venues. I honestly thought there might be another bad news.

OK so I'm being selfish now, but one main reason I never is that hay fever season (grass pollen) peaks in mid-late june. I used to LOVE glade being in July, as all the pollen is gone, symbolised by those GOLDEN fields. Tip: weather seems to improve after wimbledon (er, except 2007, ooops!).

I feel bad right now, because I have just started getting excited about the summer. This time a few years back we'd all be gearing up for glade in a few weeks. Feels weird that it's gone already.

Personally I think it should be on August bank holiday.

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