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Hand sanitizer

Guest ark

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4 hours ago, bombfrog said:

We can't let the thread die until this comment gets the recognition it deserves.

If you set it up in the other thread, I'll do the punchline and take all the credit and we can delete this thread so nobody will ever know!!!!!

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Just to let you k ow you can easily make it yourself from stuff that’s still freely available. 

juat buy isopropyl alcohol from amazon for £8 a litre and mix it with no more than 35% aloe Vera gel.

isopropanol is 99% alcohol, it has to be over 60% to kill covid 19


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7 hours ago, Hugh Jass said:

Why should they be jailed? I don’t agree with the practice but they’re free to set whatever price they want. If someone is daft enough to pay that’s their problem.

Yeah that's because you've got the intelligence and insight to see the manipulation. If you extend this argument then essentially you screw everyone over. It's wrong, unfair and shouldn't be allowed. We are all vulnerable somewhere. 

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