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Arriving at the festival

Guest danp196

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first time coming to the festival so if anyone can answer the few questions iv got then it would be much appreaciated.

how far is victoria station from the venue? is it walkable or a bus that can drop us off near?

firstly me and a mate are getting the train from portsmouth, which is the nearest station to the venue? some people say underground some people say overground?

how far is victoria station from the venue? is it walkable or a bus that can drop us off near?

trains on the way back, are they fairly frequent? if not then are there local taxi's that pick up near the venue?

is there any cover at the venue? looking out my window at the mo isnt a pretty site...not fussed if it is p***** down as it adds to the fun but just know what to take then.

Again any advice is more than welcome and feel free to email me,

cheers Dan!

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It's miles from Victoria Station and definitely not walkable. If you're coming into Victoria you'd be best off jumping on The District Line to Mile End and then walking up Just follow the crowd from the station). Tubes run every couple of minutes, it's a fairly quick journey.

As for cover, there's a few trees around as it's a park but not a lot of cover for large crowds. That said, weather forecast is looking decent!

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A decent pair of shoes and a reasonable waterproof poncho will serve your needs should the weather turn inclement. Bring your own poncho if you can to save being ripped off with London prices for what can only be described as a one use only bin bag with a hood!

The trains back to your part of the world...look online and figure out if you will be able to make it from East London back to whichever station it is you need to get home from. The gig says it finishes at 11pm. Take into account the fact that there will be crowds all leaving at the same time and if you have stuff in a locker, pick up/collection time for that.

Mile End is on the District Line. Bethnal Green (nearish) is on the Central line, but I have a feeling the Central line might be shut this weekend (cant remember if this is true or not).

Question...have you ever been to London for a gig before? ;)

Check South West Trains website for the times of your last train home and where the train should be coming into. On arrival at wherever you get to, get an Underground map and figure your journey out.

If you miss the last train or know you are going to miss the last train, consider finding an after party/club to stay at until 6am and then make your way back to your station to get home to on a bus sometime after the party ends. Pacha is right outside Victoria station.

Failing that, notify a mate in London you are staying at theirs after the show like I have! Ok so said mate IS going to the gig too but I wasnt going to be able to go unless I blagged a floor! :rolleyes:

This advice comes from 16 years of tried and tested visits to concerts and festivals in London from the South East. :D (The bit about the after party until the first train home is very useful to note!)

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Oh and the LED official website has all the travel details listed in the info section including bus numbers.

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