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Glade vs Big Chill?

Guest SugarSpunLovesYou

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Hi all, wondering if any of you can give me a bit of an idea of what Glade's like? Went to The Big Chill last year and utterly loved it, beautiful settings and beautiful people with an absolutely stunning line-up. But seeing the new management and the latest line-up I'm a bit concerned it might attract a few idiots this year. The Glade line-up, however, is superb, but I don't know anyone who's been before and can't seem to find much info on what the general vibe is, can anyone give me a few pointers? Mainly are there a lot of stereotypical beer-boys and idiots? What's the scenery like, are the campsites complete squalor (I did Reading 5 years, never again, too old for that now!)? Also how sound are the security? At the chill they seemed to be just after booze, which is fine by me, but a lot of festivals seem to have a really overbearing police presence now, which is not good for relaxing times.

Also how easy is it to find a peaceful shady spot, and is it generally quite rammed-to-capacity? I loved how there was so much space at Eastnor.

Finally, is it a good first festival? We'll be taking a few virgins along, and want to make sure it's not full of portaloo horrors :)

Sorry for the spanish inquisition! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Happy festival planning season!

SugarSpun xx

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Big Chill and Glade are very different festivals. BC is much more of a family festival and is very chilled. Glade doesn't allow children. Glade is non stop beats, being an electronic dance festival.

Absolutely awesome vibe at The Glade festival, amazing atmosphere. Despite the change of venue last year, it's still retained some of that. Although Wasing Estate was an incredible location, lots of trees and great layout. When I've camped at Wasing I always camped under a tree, had some extreme heat at some of the early festivals. It was sort of raining and not so hot last year, don't recall wanting any shade, but I don't think there's any trees within the bowl itself at Matterly.

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